By Anonymous - Iraq
Today, I was at work, finishing a presentation for my boss. Five minutes after I presented it to him, his boss walked in and asked for the same presentation I had just given. My boss presented it. His boss then turned to me and asked me "what use are you around here?" FML
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The best the OP could have done FIRST was as SOON as the other boss came in and said "Show me the presentation", the OP should have said "Oh! You mean my presentation about ? Certainly!" and not give a chance to your other both to effin speak.

Assertiveness is necessary. You have no backbone and need to get one.

By  plexico  |  3

Aren't you glad we Americans spent those trillions of dollars to make you free and introduce you to the wonders of American corporate douchebaggery?

I'm sure your boss explained your role in the presentation to his boss, right? No?! Surprise!

Spend enough time in meeting rooms and you might wish you never lost Saddam's rape rooms! ;)

  skullbuster  |  0

The only portion of this that was inherent to America was if they were using Powerpoint as a presentation tool. Credit-mongering and office douchebaggery are universal concepts, like mathematics!

I'm sure Saddam claimed to perform each and every rape personally back in the day despite the long line of interrogators who had to get their hands (among other things) dirty!

  plexico  |  3

You may be right, but we Americans raise those office scourges to a whole new level of crassness and shamelessness, so that we can pretty surely trace this latest Iraqi version of douchebaggery to the good ol' USA.

All countries have fat people, but we lead the world in the number and hugeness of our fatties.

  plexico  |  3

Because that would be career suicide.

Telling your boss' boss that your boss stole your presentation not only humiliates your boss (even though he richly deserves it in a just world), but makes your boss' boss think you are not a "team player."

Combining your logic with Iraq, I think we have just invented the "career suicide bomber!" LOL boom.

  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

#8, while on a purely childish level, you would be right if this was a matter between children at school etc., on a reality & adult world level you're a moron.

Speak up and lose your job since your boss will fire you as soon as you're done humiliating him and his boss leaves the office, or STFU and keep your job, since his boss will still be needing more presentations and he'll be asking you to make those too...

Use your brain, will ya?

Edit: I now read the other comments. Wow, Plexico and I agreeing on something wtf... O_o

  plexico  |  3

Toxi, the question is whether the possessive of "boss" in the singular is boss' or boss's. It seems that boss's is more widely accepted but boss' is used in other places.

Bosses is the plural of boss.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Yes, dear, I know that. I was giving you the singular and plural options. =D
How can boss' be a word at all? That implies something belongs to more than one bos. Boss's FTW. Now shut up and make me a sammich.

I'm kidding. Well, I'm still right, but I don't need the sammich. I still want your babies.