By TooGulible - United States - Madison Heights
Today, I was at work at an ice cream shop when a hot guy came in and started chatting me up. I got him his ice cream and as I handed it to him, he mentioned that I was cute and walked away. Then I realised he hadn't paid for the ice cream, and I didn't even get a date out of it. FML
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By  anonymoususer070  |  17

How does getting a compliment distract you from doing a simple job? Sorry OP, at least you lucked out, seems like he's a jerk to purposely do that to you! Better luck next time with an honest man :)

  scyth3s  |  13

You must not spend a lot of time around others if you don't understand that positive attention ( or even negative attention) can be quite distracting to those who crave it.


So because when I'm at work since compliments don't distract me from doing my job I must not spend a lot of time around people? No, some of work jobs that if we let that happen we get fired.