By bdjsbskl - 07/10/2011 05:55 - Canada

Today, I was at work as a cashier. An old lady unbagged everything I had, and angrily "taught" me how to bag. She put potatoes on her eggs and broke them. She then screamed that I was useless and retarded in front of all my other customers and manager. FML
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cyns0_oaSailor 0

That time of the month?

Thats when you know they're too old and need to be put down. It's wayy past her time.


cyns0_oaSailor 0

That time of the month?

She was old? That stops happening after awhile

jonan1212 5

Yeah man, let her oldness run it's phase.

Old people tend to be extremely stubborn at timeS. Just ignore her

cyns0_oaSailor 0

5- I'm well aware of that. Don't take things so literally.

LiveLaughFML 10

no wonder grandpa left her! >:)

And it's from that age that the breast milk begins to turn into yoghurt....

Jammy01jams 2

Let's just say the Earth is ready to take her back.

85, seriously? Omg can't wait.

#85 lmfao good ome

Break her head like she broke the eggs

IronMaiden45 0

yeah that way she gets sued and loses her job that sounds good *sarcastically*

kopherbanana 8

*hit with potato* HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM POTATOES!? jkjk! I would never beat anyone with a potato. lol

22 ya we all got that.


icefshng8 9

I beat people with potatoes daily. They are, suprisingly effective.

bitchslapped22 14

This is the worst thread of comments I have ever read in my life

You obviously haven't read enough

Thats when you know they're too old and need to be put down. It's wayy past her time.

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It's a joke? Your lack of a sense of humor is saddening

wild_n_out 8

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I found it funny and it's fine, I also believe that old people should be inhumanly euthanized

perdix 29

#49. I agree except that I think it should be "humanely" euthanized. I may be biased because I'm old and my appointment the Happy Farm Death Camp is next week.

Take an old person to the back with a shotgun

kopherbanana 8

Kind of like in the book, The Giver. Sick people and old people are "released"!

58 - Ol' Yeller put down? Only nobody should find out about this particular ending.

perdix 29

#58, are we talking buckshot to the chest, or birdshot to the legs so you can watch me squirm for a few minutes?

why not class it up and make the elderly perform hari-kari like the japs did?

Wait a minute everyone what happened to Florida? Is it full up already? That's where people go to di... I mean enjoy the rest of their days

I read that(:

robbie19837 2

It is funny if u have some humor

Stupid people shouldn't try to stand out.

MichellinMan 20

Correction, retard bitches shouldn't try to stand out.

These are the customers that we make fun of after they leave, I'm sure your manager was on your side

I fucking hated my grocery bagging job. Fucking told a customer off once that pissed everyone off, and then everyone clapped. And then I lost that job lol.

anonymous100000 17

there was a lady at my work who was buying a car scent for her car scent holder and I told her the price ($3.60) and she said "I thought it was 2 for $5?" and I said " yes but that promotion only applies when you purchase 2..." and she said to forget it then and left. OP, there are dumb customers everywhere. don't let their stupidity drag you down.

And they say the costumers are always right..

Yeah I work at a grocery store too, and I've just had to tell myself that over and over again, even if theyre wrong, just bite your tongue and don't let the customers ruin your day.

costumers = customers. However your comment is nice:) No matter how some customers are rude and freaks, a cashier has to stand that :/

Yeah I work at Starbucks, and customers always abuse the whole "customers are always right" thing. People complain about the littlest things and send there drinks back multiple times, saying "it's to hot" or "it's to sweet", "it's not hot enough". You can never win.

Ooooo I used to pack bags at my dads store and I feel your pain. Some lady said I packed to slow pushed me aside and just threw everything in at once. She came back a bit with broken eggs and the loaf of bread was actually flat. Don't worry, hopefully your manager understands this lady is a bit of her rockers

kateheartswaffle 0

Perhaps she likes her eggs cracked. They match her brain.

Tard stalker much?

13FTW 9

Please enlighten us how she stalked him in any way, shape, or form. I think we all want to know.

desilove 0

Smh seems like she's the retarded one .

No shit Sherlock.

Don't u just hate retarded ppl?

I hate people who can't spell..

orangeduck 6

Wtf with these old people?

drawmesunshine 17

They all have their moments. On a side note, I love your profile picture.

I LOVE your profile pic!