By bdjsbskl - Canada
Today, I was at work as a cashier. An old lady unbagged everything I had, and angrily "taught" me how to bag. She put potatoes on her eggs and broke them. She then screamed that I was useless and retarded in front of all my other customers and manager. FML
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  Jammy01jams  |  2

Let's just say the Earth is ready to take her back.

  perdix  |  29

#49. I agree except that I think it should be "humanely" euthanized. I may be biased because I'm old and my appointment the Happy Farm Death Camp is next week.


there was a lady at my work who was buying a car scent for her car scent holder and I told her the price ($3.60) and she said "I thought it was 2 for $5?" and I said " yes but that promotion only applies when you purchase 2..." and she said to forget it then and left. OP, there are dumb customers everywhere. don't let their stupidity drag you down.

  nellienicole  |  1

Yeah I work at a grocery store too, and I've just had to tell myself that over and over again, even if theyre wrong, just bite your tongue and don't let the customers ruin your day.

  _streets_  |  19

Yeah I work at Starbucks, and customers always abuse the whole "customers are always right" thing. People complain about the littlest things and send there drinks back multiple times, saying "it's to hot" or "it's to sweet", "it's not hot enough". You can never win.

By  MagicallyFat  |  12

Ooooo I used to pack bags at my dads store and I feel your pain. Some lady said I packed to slow pushed me aside and just threw everything in at once. She came back a bit with broken eggs and the loaf of bread was actually flat. Don't worry, hopefully your manager understands this lady is a bit of her rockers