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  emygirl13  |  0

ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!! you shouldnt sing that even if ur in your house ALONE, never, dont be five, if u happened to be five, it wouldve been cute... :D and for #46, that just made my day, oh my god! that has to be one of the funniest things ive heard

By  ipwnallmen  |  10

xD this is kind of adorable!i hope someone recorded it and put it on youtube! scooper super pooper!! after all the proof is in the chocolate pudding!!

2&3=== LOLOLOLOL!!!! =3

  Link5794  |  18

Why is that beret staying on your head?

By  bom_bom  |  0

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! omg u deserved it in a funny way. Not like your lifes over but i bet you laughed about it already. Anyways I can image this fml. >>

Today, I was in the bathroom at my work reapplying my makeup, while someone in the stall was deficating and singing ''I'm taking a poopy poop poop poop''. FML