By Anonymous - 02/11/2010 02:58 - United States

Today, I was at Wal-Mart and I asked a guy who worked there where the scrapbooking stuff was. He led me to the aisle where it was and then said, "By the way, I don't work here." FML
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why is this a "FML", the guy was just being nice...

That's a FML 4 u. I hate to see u when something actually goes wrong


Cab someone explain to me how this counts as an FML? I think this is what I get for spamming the Accept button when I moderate...

indeed, this is more like a compliment, because he probably wouldn't have done that if you were a fat, smelly woman asking for the candy aisle.

I did think it's one either. I posted that and got a warning. oops.

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wow op your a fucking moron. maybe you should get your head outta that big ass hole of yours and use your brain ffs

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Ha wal-mart XD

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I'm not really seeing it as one either, 9.

So, this is an FML. But none of my life-affecting ones are. I understand.

how is that bad??? I don't get how this is supposed to be an fml

rallets 22

i dont see the FML part in this either :/

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that reminds me of one time my friend and I were at the pet store and he asked this guy who he thought worked there a question. the guy said he didn't work there so my friend apologized and walked away. witnessing this, I approached the same guy and asked him where the fish food was.

so what... i've asked people that dont work there... its not a big deall. im sure you would help out someone if that happened to you. (Y)

You guys don't see the FML? Obviously OP is like me, and would be extremely embarrassed about it.

terranada 3 is this even an fml???

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how the FUCK is this even an FML?? god i hare stupid people -.-

Today a friendly man showed me where the crafts were in walmart. FML

hahaaa dumb bitch

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hardly everyone who is lower class works there how's this an fml?

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actuly f his life he knows where the scrapvbook crap is and dont work there

why is this so embarresing

first, sooo... nothing really to go an kill yourself over

how is this an fml

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don't they have uniforms?

Yes, they all wear blue vests with the Wal-Mart logo on them. So I don't know how you'd think some radnom guy is a worker.

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well some walmarts like here in Texas those vest aren't required unless you're a manager. all you need is khaki and a blue shirt and sometimes they wear cargos so you can easily mistake customers for employees

Eh, here the stockers don't wear anything depicting them as employees, especially late at night in the 24 hour ones. I think they're supposed to wear lanyards around their necks, but lots of them just let the string hang out of their pockets.

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64, they wear vests and name tags here too. not really much of an excuse...

That's a FML 4 u. I hate to see u when something actually goes wrong

wow Uh ok so he led you where the scrap booking aisle is and I don't see how this is a fml?

how could you not tell? people who actually work there have blue walmart vest dumb are you

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what happened to ur brother?

why is this a "FML", the guy was just being nice...

Exactly! How did this pass moderation?

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I don't understand why it is either...

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