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So what if you hit it? Accidents happen... I'm sure if you were a good player you would've made the team regardless of this one incidence... Why have this stupid thing posted when it doesn't matter whatsoever? If not making a high school team or even a college team for that matter means that you would consider your life ruined, then I feel deeply remorseful for you.

  randome101  |  12

What the cage is, it's a cage around it so nothing can hit the fire alarm setting it off, with a hole in the middle big enough for your hand to go through and pull it, sometimes instead of a cage it's a glass box you lift up then pull the fire alarm

  j5p332  |  6

In some pull stations the mechanics inside are such that an impact can actuate it. As someone said, they should definitely be in an enclosure.

  Arsonnist  |  3

I did not say anything in my profile or that 2 but technically 3 word sentence about being someone named Donald Trump. It's Arsonnist. And yes, I fired op.

By  aadk  |  0

well you don't deserve to be on the team if your aim is that bad anyway. it has nothing to do with the fire alarm, bottom line, you suck

  mewf  |  0

That's the one. How the hell do you miss the floor on a spike? Practice and try out again next year when you maybe have some coordination.

By  Arsonnist  |  3

Usually when you spike the ball it's supposed to go down. The last part seems kind of dumb unless it was the firefighters who didn't let you on their team.