By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Swindon
Today, I was at the supermarket when an elderly lady asked if I'd grab some coffee for her from a high shelf. The moment I took my hands off my almost-full shopping cart, she made off with it. I ended up getting thrown out by security after she claimed I was trying to steal it from her. FML
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  MDTeddy  |  13

When will people learn to not help an old lady? I understand if you know the person. Tbh, I would have just ignored her since idc and she should have gone to the store with someone if she knew she can't reach higher shelves.

  Joe9024  |  20

You know, what I don't understand is what an old lady would want with a cart full of unpaid for groceries? Unless she wanted that exact same shit. If thats the case she shopped in record time

  heygirlie777  |  21

10, what 7 was saying, I believe, is that even when old people are the ones to be blamed and they're fully aware of that, they use their old age to take advantage of people.