By Anonymous - 13/05/2013 19:49 - United Kingdom - Swindon

Today, I was at the supermarket when an elderly lady asked if I'd grab some coffee for her from a high shelf. The moment I took my hands off my almost-full shopping cart, she made off with it. I ended up getting thrown out by security after she claimed I was trying to steal it from her. FML
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Plant a stolen item in there on her way out.


When will people learn to not help an old lady? I understand if you know the person. Tbh, I would have just ignored her since idc and she should have gone to the store with someone if she knew she can't reach higher shelves.

Don't most supermarkets have cameras? Seems like a simple way to resolve this...

if you bought the stuff show the reciept or reference the cashier to show proof. This is battle soldier

You know, what I don't understand is what an old lady would want with a cart full of unpaid for groceries? Unless she wanted that exact same shit. If thats the case she shopped in record time

Super-troll strikes again!

granny troll you mean. only super saiyans and super man can super troll.

How does he deserve it you retards

I really hate people who use that word to insult others.

Though it bothers me too, I don't hate it as much as when people use gay to describe things they dislike.

Idk. I think retard is worse. The gays have an easier time defending themselves than the mentally challenged.

I disagree, retard actually makes sense. The word gay has nothing to do with intelligence.

Retard literally means slow. I.E flame retardant.

Plant a stolen item in there on her way out.

The elderly are not to be trusted. Ever.

The elderly are always innocent, even when they're guilty.

Yeah, give her a break. In her mid she only has so long to live before she's going to hell. Maybe she forgot it wasn't her cart too while stealing it.

10, what 7 was saying, I believe, is that even when old people are the ones to be blamed and they're fully aware of that, they use their old age to take advantage of people.

Grandmas now a days. *slaps knee* Their so silly.

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People like this old woman make it harder to be a good Samaritan these days.

Your picture is tripping me out.

I'm confused it appears to be 4d

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Not 4D, an optical illusion trick. It's a penrose triangle, also known as an impossible triangle.

At least she didn't smack you with her purse full of hard candy and pennies!

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Time to kick some "old lady" ass.