By qtpieo1 - 13/08/2010 16:14 - United States

Today, I was at the pool with two boys I baby sit. The eldest wouldn't get out of the pool so I pretended to call his dad. He then ran out of the pool, pushed me down, grabbed my phone, chucked it into the pool and then ran back into the pool. FML
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kenjiisown 1

Drown him.

schwancy 2

Tell his parents they owe you a new phone, and that their son is a little shit.


CourtneyDanielle_fml 9

That sucks.. FYL.

Blink182ftw 0

you got pwned by a kid LOSER

dickster 0

Go drown his ass.

maybe you should throw all his toys in the pool as revenge

the_flirtt 0

wow I would of been super pissed !!

bigblue95 0

u let a little kid push u down and take ur phone. u mad frail. get ur weight up

twinny_sc 13

I agree with 16, drown his ass.

the flirt is that actually a pic of u?

BeachPanda 0

lol, thats like a ninja boy get em back, spit in his pb & j

^^ that's right stoop to his level.

YDI for pretending to call his dad. "pretending" FYL for letting a little kid own you.

don't mess with them lil kids. they gots their ways...

you would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for that meddling kid

48's comment is full of win

KiddNYC1O 20

#1 are you... are you taking a dump? lol jk watcha doing?

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Trupe 3

Well if you have to all their dad for them to obey, you haven't done much of a good job asserting yourself. Would have made more sense to rip him out of the pool ferociously to put the fear in him.

Muscle_Car_Fan 0

Run over to push him over then throw him in the trunk

DesiGir324 0

LMAO. you got owned by a little kid

65: ur name and commet mesh together a little!!

quent10 0

it's funny because you got pwned and your cellphone got nice and moist

^^^ fail. Quit being a copycat.

cearalaken 0

hahaha epic!!

beelo44 0

maybe you should suck my balls

tanner11111 0


how did you let that happen?

you deserved it! liar!

gilbertr9 0


little kids are just so brutal. ydi for being dumb and pretending to call the kids dad. you were just setting yourself up for what you got.!

You babysat 2 boys? and they pushed you over? loool you deserved it tbhh kid bullying babysitter= no pay :P

Due to the fact that I am laughing uncontrolably, I cannot muster my sympathies for you.

BallinJ 0

hahahaha. you got bitch slapped. but i would have have drowned that kid. then piss down his throat.

Can I just point out that OP is probably a girl? In which case it's not as bad that a boy pushed her down. The reason I think it's a girl is that that (s)he said "the two boys* I babysit", and I, being a guy, feel like a guy would have just said two kids.

quent10 0

how am I bein a copycat 79? how bout you hop off I said it first

125-cuz yur tryna be legonut

I wish 128 would deliver pizza to my door!:)

Stupid spoiled little brat. He deserves an old fashion beating.

Fuck them kiids!!!! little niggas

turtlemansam 6

Tell his dad, obviously, and make him buy you a new one

Melgros 0

beat his ass for discipline.

Brittney_E 0

spanking is always an option. :D

If they're Asian, you have every right to beat them without consequences... Just to throw that out...

Since the parents will obviously refuse to pay, you should take them to small claims court.

terranada 3

smash all his toys

xlostwithoutu 0

Wow. What a little brat. He deserves a good beating. And sorry about your phone : Looks like their dad will be looking for a new babysitter I'm hoping?

kenjiisown 1

Drown him.

mebecatie 0

what a little bitch. go in the pool and push him under for like two minutes so he duznt die but is afraid of u. then tell the dad he hit his head against the concrete and got knocked out and fell into the pool and u saved him. that also gives u an excuse to hit him on the head. and since he wud have a head injury the dad wudnt believe him if he sez otherwise bcuz he'll think that it's just the head injury talking lol then u tell the dad about the phone and demand a replacement. and also fyl for letting a little boy push u down and ydi for pretendig to call his dad. u shudda really called his dad cuz apparently that kid knows the difference between really calling and pretending to call.

I'm like 110% sure op is a girl so its not that bad

Too long. Did not read.

Brittney_E 0

agree with 84(:

@84 and 149. It is not that long. You both must be extremely lazy.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

#71 I don't know about you, but I can't hold my breathe for two minutes. that would probably kill the kid.

bryce0110 23

It takes about 3 minutes to kill you for lack of breath. At 2 minutes he would pass out.

the kid is spoiled

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redrovaa 0


maritza101 0

wow that's one bad kid

Slim_Shadyy_fml 0

no man. he's HARDCORE. ahahahahahahahah :)

Granddragon 0

HAHAHAHAHA, fantastic...

FYL Op. All I can say is make that family buy you a new phone?

Clutzs 5