By qtpieo1 - United States
Today, I was at the pool with two boys I baby sit. The eldest wouldn't get out of the pool so I pretended to call his dad. He then ran out of the pool, pushed me down, grabbed my phone, chucked it into the pool and then ran back into the pool. FML
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  Trupe  |  3

Well if you have to all their dad for them to obey, you haven't done much of a good job asserting yourself. Would have made more sense to rip him out of the pool ferociously to put the fear in him.

  FmyLinNY  |  0

Can I just point out that OP is probably a girl? In which case it's not as bad that a boy pushed her down. The reason I think it's a girl is that that (s)he said "the two boys* I babysit", and I, being a guy, feel like a guy would have just said two kids.

  mebecatie  |  0

what a little bitch. go in the pool and push him under for like two minutes so he duznt die but is afraid of u. then tell the dad he hit his head against the concrete and got knocked out and fell into the pool and u saved him. that also gives u an excuse to hit him on the head. and since he wud have a head injury the dad wudnt believe him if he sez otherwise bcuz he'll think that it's just the head injury talking lol then u tell the dad about the phone and demand a replacement. and also fyl for letting a little boy push u down and ydi for pretendig to call his dad. u shudda really called his dad cuz apparently that kid knows the difference between really calling and pretending to call.