By Evelyn - 19/03/2012 20:18 - United States

Today, I was at the park with my friends. We were all having fun on the swings, when out of nowhere I heard a thud, followed by a child crying. Turns out I accidentally kicked him in the head. FML
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skyeyez9 24

Sounds like It was the kid's fault anyways. You never walk in front of a person while they are swinging.

ipwnallmen 10

Poor kid. F His life.


I agree with my mum when she tells me I should put more thought into my comments. Oh, and to move out of her damn house. That too.

olpally 32

Agree with what?? Don't leave us hanging!! As for op, watch what you're doing next time, damn, f that kid's life, not yours.

F the kids life! But he/she probably deserved it????

How would the kid deserve it? I mean sure, they might have gotten too close but i don't think the kid deserves to get kicked in the head for it.

PenguinSwag47 0


thejewishfuhrer 17

I hate first comments like yours.

osnapitzaris 0

I LOVE comments like #1!! That's when the FML staff is trolling :)

Wouldn't that be a more FTKL? (f*** the kids life)

EpicSquirrel 0

*scratch scratch scratch*

Yeah, cuz that comment is totally relevant to the FML...

30 I was thinking the same thing hahaha

This could be the first time only one person understood the first comment. I thought you guys were good at this sort of thing? Not up to your usual standards today.

40 - when I was a kid (even a very young kid) I knew not to get close to swings when people are on them. He shouldn't have gotten so close

First of all stop with the retarded ass duck face. Secondly the kid don't deserve it. He Probably just didn't realize he was so close.

X_Codes 11

Ok, here's the hierarchy: 1) If the kid was like... 2... then no, he didn't deserve it, because re couldn't really know better. Instead, whoever was supposed to be keeping on eye on that kid should be kicked in the head. 2) If the kid was 5 or something or older, then yeah, he deserved it. When you do really dangerous stuff like get really close to large, fast-moving objects, then you need to be taught the lesson that getting punted REALLY !#(*%& HURTS and to stay away.

ipwnallmen 10

Poor kid. F His life.

shanemaximo 7

Finish him!!!

leprechaun23 15

The kid should have been looking what he was doing.

The kid may well have been a toddler. They have a tendency to wander playgrounds with little caution shown around bigger kids on the swingset.

The_Tool1 13

Maybe the kid likes getting hit on the head by people on swings. You never know

MatheusRajuidas 5

Either way, the kid deserved it.

aaahhhfire21 0

Wonder how far the lil shit flew

Even though its a crappy thing to say, I chuckled at that comment^

141 - I second that lol!

138, two thumbs up, you'll probably get a few thumbs down though from people who don't know what a joke is.

1crabbygirl 10

Thank you, Louisiana Bob. Apparently outside the South ppl don't watch out for littler kids. She's on FML and playing on the playground, AND complaining she kicked someone's kid in the head. What a monster!

#161, I live in Texas and I don't think it's very smart of you to say something with the words "Outside the south..." included. Do you have no idea how many new assholes other FMLers will rip you?

138- yeah I lolled as well

161 are you being sarcastic or are you serious? The child probably ran in front of op right in time to get kicked in the head. It is not entirely op's fault

Well how did u explain that to his/ her mom?

Awes0meperson 10

And that's why I killed her officer

Easy, say the kid got in the way. She disagrees, run!

Atleast it'll explain things in the future if the kid has his moments. ............ Atleast he'll know he didn't get dropped as a kid. He got kicked!

He kicked her too.

I think the kid should have gotten to kick OP in the face, fair's fair after all!

I want to know where the fuck the mom (or dad) was to begin with. Considering the child was close enough to the swings in use to be kicked in the head, it sounds to me like said child wasn't being very closely monitored to begin with. Seems like if the parent was watching them, this wouldn't have happened to begin with because they would have made sure their kid wasn't in the way.

She shouldn't have to. Its the parent's fault to begin with, they should be supervising their obviously very young child at all times. And anyways, its pretty hard to stop a heavy weight going at something like 30 kph minimum, so its not like OP could have prevented it.

F that kid's life man.

IndiRae 9

Hey kid! Imma boop your head!! *boop* LOL

deLongenator 4

I believe that all these young humans deserve a swift kick to the head everyday!

And you didn't feel something hit your foot?

That's when he noticed dumbass

Hey Meatball ! What ? FOOT

Exactly what I was thinking!


I think it's a Her, as the Poster is Evelyn. Who's the dumbass? Oh and "all capitals?" Uh, no.

Perhaps op had on thicker boots? There's plenty of shoe styles that could keep op from feeling it, especially if she didn't kick them hard.

In case it wasn't obvious, my note was regarding #31's notes. That's the first comment that was buried w/too many negs. Shouldn't be calling people "dumbass" without just cause, dumbass.

Now slowly walk away...

LadyJoker21 0

Hahaha now run !!

DaKillaMafia 2

No! Run like wee man.

deLongenator 4

He has kid on his shoe!

I know, I'm cruel but, THAT'S AWESOME! lol

kimgr 9

What?! You think it'll be awesome if someone kicked you in the face?

If he was a very very Bad Bad girl (gaga) yes Oups sorry... She's stuck in my head...

Just tell me where you live, I'd be glad to kick you in the face.

torch433 1

wow ass :/

I'm glad someone had the same thought I did. Stupid kid will watch more carefully where he's going next time.

Well it's not, poor kid! Depending on the size of op and how fast she was going that would of really hurt and could have caused concussion

Satin has taken over your body

skyeyez9 24

Satin? The silky soft fabric? Or "Satan" aka The Morning Star, Lucifer who prowls around as a roaring lion seeking to devour and destroy?

skyeyez9 24

Satin bahahaha

KiddNYC1O 20


PenguinSwag47 0

Satin does crazy things with your head, man! *Shiver*

It must feel smooth and lovely Also Satan (if that's what you mean) isn't so bad, read the bible Also he was just swinging and the kid came up in the way.

19- hilarious. Thanks for that.

Sadly, I cannot think of any other Satanic fabric puns.

skyeyez9 24

Sounds like It was the kid's fault anyways. You never walk in front of a person while they are swinging.

That's what she said.

venomousddog 19

56- I laughed out loud at your comment man you deserve a thumbs up for that random comment

We don't know how old the kid was he could have easily been two.

If the kid was younger than its more the parents fault. If they are that young then the kid shouldnt have been that close if the parents were with them. Maybe the kid was being babysat though. Thatd make it unkown

SailorSolaris 43

Not a good idea to walk BEHIND someone on a swing either.

Poor kid, they do have a tendency to run up at the worst times.