By Anonymous - 03/07/2009 19:56 - Canada

Today, I was at the park with a friend when I said "Gotta go, sorry. I've got court in an hour." The lady on the bench next to us then loudly complained how disgusting I was for being a criminal and threw her bird seed at me, dirtying my suit. I'm a lawyer with a case in an hour, not a criminal. FML
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Crazy ladies in the park always have bird seed to throw. FYL

How does bird seed dirty a suit?


Crazy ladies in the park always have bird seed to throw. FYL

hahaha yeah, i agree. fyl.

haha ya lol this is like something out of a movie

should have raped her ass then you could check off fucking a mature women off your list

#67- Raping people is cool? And OP- What is the difference?

Yes, yes, lawyers are criminals, thank you for stereotyping and making an ancient joke. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a lawyer. Judge on a person-by-person basis.

1. You care why? She is a crazy old lady anyway, why should this even be here? 2. How does bird seed dirty up a suit? 3. Did you do something to her, at least TELL her that she is a crazy old lady and that you are actually an upstanding member of lawyer society, not a criminal?

Shut the fuck up. You are not being witty by challenging the OP and you know very well that you aren't going to get a response in the first place. It does not matter if his life is actually fucked or whether or not it's something he should get worked up about, it's a funny story on a website for funny stories.

How did anyone check off YDI for this FML? The nerve of some people...

You should've told her that you were a lawyer. Then it would've been FHerL :)

How does bird seed dirty a suit?

I was wondering that too.

Maybe the powder?

Maybe because some of them come with that greasy stuff on it? I put some in my garden, but birds don't seem to care for it as much as for the normal stuff though. lol

Tell her this T he H ate U G ive L ittle I nfants F ucks Everyone

was that suppose to be some witty remark?

you know what would be better? OP, you're a lawyer...tell her that and then tell her that you could get her arrested for that or get her tried for harassment...idk, make something up :P it would freak her out and you'd be getting her back.

Its Thug Life....can you read downwards lol?

still doesn't make it any less silly. It doesn't make any sense.

"the hate you give little infants fucks everyone"?

You're an idiot.

yeah, that just isn't even funny... thug life... so not funny OP: I hope u laid into that lady. Old people think they can do dumb shit cause of their age, then expect automatic respect from everyone. Didn't need to disrespect her, but make her think about it the next time she tries to do some shit like that.... that old lady and my grandfather should hook up

soo.. an old lady dissed you. f your life?

And isn't a lawyer and a criminal the same thing?

If you ever get in some sort of trouble, I'd LOVE to see who you try and get to defend you.

What the hell. :/ Should've sued her or something, lulz. And what the shit @ #4

Yeah, if she's a lawyer, can't she sue for that? Could've just yelled at her and explained to the crazy old woman and then threaten to sue.

Meh you're a lawyer. You still derseved it... j/k

Yeah, even being a lawyer, you still deserve it.

Stupid is it her business what u do or dnt. If people just minded their own business stupid shit like that wuld never happen. She was probably a bum anyways..

DAMN, those idiots should check the facts before they do something stupid. And by the way, to criminals wear business suits? I think not.

Hahah you're awesome. So, if someone IS wearing business suit, that MUST MEAN he's NOT a criminal? Ahahahahah.

Criminals going to court actually do dress "well" to make "a good impression" and stuff :) LOL. You fucking idiot.

Bernie Madoff...?

A criminal would wear a suit to his trial if he had any sense at all.

acutally I know a couple people who had charges and had to go to court. they wore suits to look good and not like a dirty bum. get YOUR facts straight before talking shit.

Most criminals wear business suits. They're just usually a bit busy with board meetings and congress sessions to go sit in the park.

obviously you've never seen "The Godfather."

wow. what a dumb ass...!! wat a bitch, actually. FYL. :-/

Damn old people! All they ever do is throw birdseed, play bingo, and fart!