By no selfie for me - 16/04/2013 04:08 - United States - Pasadena

Today, I was at the park unsuccessfully trying to take a selfie. A stranger walked up to me and offered to take the picture for me. I agreed and gave him my phone. He took it and ran off. FML
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And that's why you can't trust everyone you meet.

I don't trust anyone with my phone...let alone, a complete stranger. What were you thinking?


And that's why you can't trust everyone you meet.

It's a shame really because most people are completely trustworthy, it's just a minority that alter the whole dynamic of our society.

Exactly. There are bad people everywhere.

Hope the stranger isn't posting this from OP's phone!

wait, so that man with the candy...WASN'T gonna give me candy next?... dodged a bullet there

Some people just want to see the world burn.

It a horrible to hear when someone abuses the generic public trust most people have in this world. It makes me feel as if the world is falling apart.

Don't forget about the whole "Apple picking" thing where people run by and steal iPhones right out of people's hands... Society can be so messed up these days.

*And that's why you can't trust ANYONE you meet. Reference: FML app.

@118 - I can trust a number of people. Not everyone is an asshole.

I don't trust anyone with my phone...let alone, a complete stranger. What were you thinking?

I guess it could be seen as YDI but honestly, who hasn't asked strangers to take a group/single picture? It is seen as a normal thing in our society but open to abuse :/

#76 group pictures are different, the point of a selfie is to take it yourself

maybe he took off with it for calling it a selfie.

When I first read selfie I thought he meant masturbate.. :/

Ditto, definitely thought he was grooming the wookie....

didn't attempt to chase him if your a man

Stranger rule #1: Don't give anyone who can beat you in a foot race anything valuable.

Or in a fist fight

Thats exactly why I always carry my pistol haha, very great point though you made.

Your friend sounds like a really nice guy.

I guess he wanted to take a selfie of himself! Haha

More like he wanted to take a cellphone...

thats not funny

I think it is. How hilarious would it be to hear someone stole your friend's phone and after they freaked out they found it full of new pictures? I'd laugh.

You are idiot for trusting people with ur phone

I can't tell if this is serious or not.

English is my fourth language buddy:) so its ok to be idiot in this case

You were serious until she burned your ass with four languages and made you feel like the idiot.

oh man, I just love seeing an uppity grammar nazi get put in their place

Well at least he tried to apologize. You still did not have to be a dick though, buddy.

I'm not your buddy, friend. I'm not your friend, guy. I'm not your guy, buddy.

To quote Arnie, you all need to "chill out, dickwad".

Definitely not the greatest idea, at least you learnt a lesson from it... at least I hope you did.

too bad nobody got a shot of your reaction, there's a photo worth seeing

And this is where vanity gets us...