By Anonymous - 23/10/2014 18:43 - United States

Today, I was at the mall with my young daughter. I hate pooping in public but I really had to go so I brought her in with me. Thinking we were alone, I started to go and my daughter yelled, "Good job, mommy, you're using the potty like a big girl!" I then heard laughing. FML
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That's actually pretty adorable!

Well, it sounds like you've gotten yourself into a shifty situat- *downvoted into the depths of hell*


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Why would op payback? She's a young kid, so she probably didn't mean to intentionally embarrass her mum..

First comment, you had one job.

if you ever get first comment you got to take advantage of it like its your death wish. "some" people dont understand the importance...

Maybe he meant payback for the lame baby talk..? I know I'd want some!

Chiroptera_Man 10

That's what I was thinking :p daughter getting payback from mom always saying it

Shit gets real when it comes to #1.

Why is everyone thumbing down 1, and thumbing up 12 who obviously missed the joke?? I'm pretty sure he meant it's payback for OP saying that to her daughter when she was being potty trained.

That's actually pretty adorable!

Exactly! Not really a FML, in my opinion, more like a cute moment in an akward situation ps: loved it, it's a favorite now

expertsmilee 26

The embarrassment is real.

Well, it sounds like you've gotten yourself into a shifty situat- *downvoted into the depths of hell*

expertsmilee 26

Dat shifty situation

We'll we'll we'll if it isn't autocorrect!

#13 I think you need to read the FML again. Clearly you missed the part where she shifted into maximum overdrive to make it into the bathroom on time. And I'm totally not making this up at all.

Thanks a lot, 5. I spewed Cherry Coke out of my nose from laughing at your comment. It stings…

#29 They make cocaine in different flavors now? Either way, I don't think spraying it out of your nose is it's proper use.

Your profile picture is a mindfuck.

juststephhere 23

But aren't you supposed to be coaching her on that? That's adorable though!

Lct1196 31

I guess op knows how her daughter feels now

that she feel really embarrassed till she wants to crawl under a rock and be forgotten about...

23lf 16

Double standards these days..

atav 17

How is this a double standard by any means?

nothing92x 13

Future motivational speaker in the making! She will make you understand that you can be better than number 2!

Everybody Poops paid off teaching your kid what to say .

I love that book!

chelll_yeah 13

That is the cutest thing I've heard today lmao