By feelsterrible - United States - Duluth
Today, I was at the mall, when a guy started screaming at his buddy for sleeping with his sister. It was pretty hilarious, so when he stormed off, I mockingly yelled, "Pussy!" He then whirled around and beat the absolute hell out of his friend. Now I feel like I'm going to reincarnate as a turd. FML
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  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

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16- Not to be a dick but OP didn't get his ass kicked, the guys friend did.

  Palirose  |  22

What I don't understand is why the brother really cares, obviously his sister either likes his friend or is a complete hoe. I understand that maybe his friend should have asked first but the brother doesn't really have a say in who his sister does or decides to be with.

  eklipze  |  0

Its extremely disrespectful to sleep with a friends sibling... Especially without dating them or asking permission first to even make a starting move...

  jakedidit  |  1

Meh, physical violence isn't the answer and the friend needs to grow up... Unless the guy forced himself on his sister, never a reason for the screaming either.

  celtics18  |  0

No need to worry. As a wise man had once said, "yolo".

  airforce987  |  20

72 - actually, I did believe that. I was quite confused when people started saying "YOLO" because I thought it was common knowledge that watching the James Bond film, "You Only Live Twice" would allow people to live a second time. Imagine my surprise when I found out the harsh truth :(

By  zombiebombatron  |  6

Oh that's pretty damn funny, sad, but definitely something to put a smile on the face of a serious person!


It's a joke sweetie I'm not takin anything seriously. Stop takin things up the rump, dear. Just saying. And my other comment isn't offensive, not one bit. So boohoo go cry. Im not the one starting arguments on FML. Or any other site.


Btw. If there was a video of this and it was put on the Internet and shared numerously around the web, no one would stop and say "awee thats really messed up, whoever laughs at this is an asshole." no. They would laugh. And you would too.

  AwsumShyGuy  |  12

Considering what you said, you either...

a.) failed the nice guy impression.

b.) tried too hard on the tough guy impression

or c.) you're a very bad troll.

Either way you failed both 92. :P

  AwsumShyGuy  |  12

Just to clarify, my comment I posted above is what happens when you reply to yourself who replied to someone who's reply who got moderated and your comment gets moderated with it. :P


From this thread, I can tell:
1) I hate combo breakers
2) I need to pay more attention to comments so I can get in on these epic chains before they're broken!
57) I can't count.

  oneFUCKINword  |  8

#4 - wow. The fact the you genuinely believe that everyone enjoys senseless violence and watching others suffer is - for lack of a better word - disturbing.
I'd genuinely like to believe that i'm not the only person who doesn't enjoy watching the world burn (figuratively speaking).
People like you make me question what hope humanity has.

  paddy4169  |  5

It's true what she is saying though, if this was on jackass people would just laugh their asses off. Furthermore 35 you are just like every fucking whinger and complainer on this earth, you have nothing else better to do, so you decide to make someone else's life a little more miserable, how about you crawl back into the hole you came from, and for the sake of humanity, never re-surface.

By  SneakyCaveman  |  13

OP, if you were standing close enough that he could mistake your shout for that of his friend, i'm surprised the other guy didn't just point out that you were the one to call him a pussy. Then they could have rekindled their friendship by taking turns kicking your ass.