By blovesg - 07/04/2009 00:41 - United States

Today, I was at the mall shoplifting when a girl who looked my age pointed to a shirt I had in my bag. "Stole that, huh?" she asked smiling. She looked pretty cool, so I nodded and asked if she stole the jeans she was wearing, which were from the store. Turns out she didn't, she's the manager. FML
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You deserved that one hundred percent, you thieving bastard.

You're a moron. YDI.


You deserved that one hundred percent, you thieving bastard.

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Who the fuck clicked 'FML' for this one? Seriously, OP, your a fucking bane on society, go die.

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why steal, are you actually that pathetic that you can't get a job and pay for your clothes? or are you just that vain that you think you're better than everyone else and deserve the things you take from others?

I agree 111111% percent.

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good, that's karma kicking you in the ass.

lol that all I got to say

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god for somone with that name I didn't think u would care

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I agree, #392. WHO THE HELL CLICKED I AGREE, YOUR LIFE SICKS? this shoplifting retard deserved it, x1000!

1. How did the OP not notice the uniform the manager was wearing? 2. OP, go die in a hole. You deserve this. 3. I assume that every "Your life sucks" resulted from an accidental click/tap. If not, then whoever meant to do that may jump into the hole and join the OP.

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^ agreed 100%

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422 Most teen shops don't have uniforms that set them apart, they usually just have to wear clothes that are from the store

your kind is a fail

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YDI for being a thriving bitch

fuck you for stealing.

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first 7 words, I can tell you're a piece of shit. I agree with 1 and 392 completely. go die in a hole.

445- He clearly said he was shoplifting at the mall

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she clearly states that she was at the mall SHOPLIFTING so ya I think she stole it.

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if you're gonna steal don't admit to it asshat

Dont shoplift...?-jackass.

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You never acknowledge the fact that you stole something... duh.. learn to steal properly.

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dumbass read again... " i was at the mall shoplifting"....

fail of a person

haha if your gonna do it might as well do it right.

I agree, but 422 still has a point. ;D

I like the way you try and give him the benefit of the doubt... but I don't think that that's the case. OP is a thieving bastard and definitely deserved this.

would probably work better in one of two ways: 1.If you king to steal, don't tell someone ur gunna steal. 2.don't steal in first place dumbass, much less post about it on the Internet -.- 3.don't be a dumbass. -.- -facepalm-

"she looked pretty cool so I nodded..." You fail at life OP

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The op said they were at the mall shoplifting...

hahahhhaahaha low life

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A thriving bitch? You want OP to thrive? Oh, did you mean thieving? All makes sense now :)

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Okay, I didn't understand a word of that. Next time use proper grammar so other people can understand you.

#420 - people like the "OP" (whatever that is?) and me who have a different view on matters than you do, dont be so narrow minded! just because you think the shoplifter was wrong doesnt make it so, different people have different morals, you know!

#445, She clearly states that she was shoplifting within the first like 5 words.

Fucking idiot, never admit to the crime!

422 - By clicking "I agree, your life sucks" they may have meant that is life sucks because he's a thieving piece of crap or because he's stupid enough to post it here and expect sympathy.

Hey 645, just because they have different moral codes doesn't mean that they are automatically correct for following it...If someone's moral codes would allow them to kill someone just for a task to be easier doesn't mean they are right.It means they're a murderer.

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#445 The OP said " I was at the mall shoplifting..."

Bastard is too nice of a word for OP.

Yes what she did was wrong, but telling someone to go die is a cruel thing to say. There are very sensitive people in the world so don't think your words can't effect them.

oh go cry about it somewhere else ^

...she said she was shoplifting in the first sentence...

Yeah. I accidentally click the "I agree" button out of habit, but then I actually thought about the post and now I wish u could take back clicks. That bitch deserves it.

Yeah I agree that OP was really stupid in what he/she did. Why the hell would you try and steal and tell someone that you are stealing something? But to all of you saying go die and shit like that, come on. They stole something. It's not like they murdered another person. You guys saying for OP to go die in a hole is pretty low. Even though they definitely deserved getting caught.

You're an idiot. Shoplifting is stealing. OP ADMITTED TO SHOPLIFTING. Reread the FML and take back that idiotic statement.

You do realise that the OP opened with being at the mall shoplifting?? Even if he/she didn't steal that particular shirt, they're still a thief.

KarmaRules4 7

He said in the first part of the comment THAT HE WAS SHOPLIFTING. You fail just as much as the op

You're a moron. YDI.

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lol don't be retarded

Reads "Today I was at the mall shoplifting"... Automatically clicks YDI

mmm stealin's bad, m'kay?

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There shouldn't be an "I agree, your life sucks" button.

TheCaterpiller 6

Op, you are a dumbass who deserves any punishment you get

Any is pushing it, dont u think the death sentence is a bit too much for a shirt?

laya_fml 26

There should be a FYL button. FYL for being so stupid and being taught that it is acceptable to steal. But anyways, yeah. You definitely deserved that.

deepunder 17

With people like you, crime wouldn't exist. (Talks to neighbor) Idiot- I just robbed a bank today. Pretty cool huh? So how's your police work going? Neighbor- you're under arrest ! Idiot- for what? Neighbor- robbing a bank Idiot- how did u find out?!?

You're a freaking idiot. :/ huge YDI.

That's what you get Wynonna

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA Karma is a bitch, especially when mixed with stupidity. YDI all the way

wow lolol you deserved that big time

the minute I read "I was at the mall shoplifting" I clicked YDI

Wow. Idiot. That's an FML for your mother having such a stupid child!

Insightful comment 408

I can't decide which is more retarded. You or the people who actually believe Karma exists.

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different religions. Don't be an international heretic.

The fk of course it does

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Thats what you get for trying to act cool dumbass

I automatically clicked YDI when I read "Today, I was at the mall shoplifting." Idiot.

same here... what an asshole

c-c-c-c-combo breaker! (:

How can i favourite this comment!!!! Tht made me laughh!! :P, btww u deserved it op

I had to read those words 3 times before realizing they arent spelling errors

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