By Slowsky - 09/05/2012 10:19 - United States - Claremont

Today, I was at the gym on the elliptical. Feeling proud of myself for finishing a very intense workout, I looked to my left to see that the maintenance guy fixing the machine next to me had burned more calories testing the machine than I did during my entire workout. FML
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maybe thats what was wrong with it? be proud of yourself anyway. :)

jerseyboy732 16

ever consider he didn't fix the machine right and the calories burned count was wrong?


Lol. Plain and simply, lol.

Idonebeenhad 17

Baby steps

No need to laugh, everybody works at their own pace. Plus we don't know if OP is a new member of the gym or if they're out of shape for any reason. I know this site is for comedy but it could be demeaning if the OP reads the comments and sees people laughing. Keep up the good work OP :)

It's okay. You still lost calories. Just do it again and do other workouts. Or yoga

At least you felt you had a good workout, that's what counts.

I'll be the first to say it but this is highly unlikely. No matter how you look at it. Let's say OP was on the machine for 10 minutes (I'm assuming it's more because 10 minutes of saying at the gym?). Now let's say the repairman was at 1 minute max, there's no speed that can make the repair guy catch up even if OP goes slow.

Don't worry... Maybe your machine needs fixing too...

If you want the machine to count your calories, you usually have to enter your age and weight into the machine. Now, there is a good chance that the maintenance man was in a hurry and clicked something random for both measurements, like "11" for age and "40 lbs" for weight, leading the machine to count calories much faster. Myth.busted?

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This isn't an lol. The OP is actually out there getting in a workout. Just keep it up, don't worry about what any1 else is doing. Slowly you'll progress. You should be proud of yourself for testing yourself with an intense workout. Maybe it was designed for something other then burning calories.

Lol how intense could the work out have been? Kudos for trying; you have to work your way up to extended work outs. But don't kid yourself OP, you've got a long way to go before workouts are "intense".

You make no sense

kirrra 11

69- do you know op personally? no didn't think so. so who are you to tell someone you've never met that they are "kidding themselves" about a workout being intense. whats easy going to a very fit person may well be very intense to someone not as fit. you don't know op's situation,maybe they are very unfit,or just coming out of healing from an injury,or have a condition which makes working out abit tougher for them. don't judge so quickly.

I got so much insight from your comment

olpally 32

Your comment wasn't very insightful either, 14(I understood the sarcasm) As for op, good for you! At least you're motivated to get into shape, unlike most of us. Keep going op! :)

You'd burn calories based on how hard you worked. Therefore, OP must not have been extremely motivated if the maintenance guy burned more calories while not even working out.

Maybe the maintenance guy wanted to get a workout in?

maybe thats what was wrong with it? be proud of yourself anyway. :)

Hey, my name is Moody!

#20 - That's great..... I agree with #3, at least you're making the effort to get fitter, and for that I congratulate you OP.

20- Did anyone fucking ask?

I will bring ski masks!! Is there a bank near this liquor store? I need to make a........ withdrawal. Anyone else?

Is there any good wifi near where you're going? I need to de-stress myself

Depends if there is an electronic store nearby.... If so, then yes. If not... I'd recommend a book.

That's not possible

One step at a time op

jerseyboy732 16

ever consider he didn't fix the machine right and the calories burned count was wrong?

I like to think that the maintenance man is in great shape from fixing and testing the machines all day.

Just how fat are you?

jerseyboy732 16

more like how fat was the maintenance guy.. the fatter you are the quicker you burn calories

^...And *you're an idiot for not knowing the difference between your and you're. I feel like this will go on as long as this site exists, which is a depressing thought.

What about my ass?

kirrra 11

77 that would have made sense if you had said "what about my an ass" next time try reading the comment properly before trying to be smart.

kirrra 11

oh and I forgot to say, don't be such an ass.

KiddNYC1O 20

77 could've said "What about my anass(anus)?" No? Yes.

kirrra 11

very true 101 I thought that myself, but gave it a second thought for some unknown reason

speedsk8r4evr 1

Troll. Go back under your rock and learn to be nice

Working hard or hardly working?

Become a repair man. Get paid. Get a workout. Problem solved.

And get horrible pay.

seriouslythat 6

21 at least he still gets paid

mrlopez 13

And not to mention the calories lost too.

Hit the smoothie bar then come back for Round Two. Or go home. Either way.