By shway - 15/07/2009 23:22 - United States

Today, I was at the grocery with my 4 year old daughter. She needed me to tie one of her shoes so I bent down. When I was done, I tickled her under the armpit and she screamed "Don't touch me there!". Everyone in the store turned to stare. FML
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Ah, children. Gotta love 'em. But not quite like *that*.

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109- I feel like you weren't hugged as a child.


Ah, children. Gotta love 'em. But not quite like *that*.

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well then dont touch her there then..


spank that kid till her but cheeks get all red and shes unable to sit

...uh.... ...what?!

OP I hate adults like you. Do you like it when someone tickles your armpit? Then why the fuck would a 4 yr old? Just because they are kids doesn't mean that they like to be grapped, pinched, tickled ect

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dude calm the fuck down.

Sinamoi 18

109- I feel like you weren't hugged as a child.

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i dont condone physical violence to children but as soon as you both went home someone should have been spanked.

A little bodily harm never killed a kid. It's a great learning tool for discipline.

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That's crap. Spanking or not spanking aside, this would be a stupid thing to punish a FOUR YEAR OLD for. It's highly unlikely that she was intentionally embarrassing anyone. That was just her response to being tickled. Odds are, as far as she knows, "Don't touch me there!" is the same as "Stop it!" Not my favorite FML. It's doubtful anyone actually thought anything of this if they overheard it and it seems like it would only be mildly embarrassing.

@ # 5 You've clearly never been a victim of domestic violence. Being smacked around heals on the outside, but not on the inside. It messes you up quite a bit as you grow older. Next time, don't speak so rationally.

I condone spanking in order to teach kids discipline and self-restraint. In this particular instance, not to make a scene. Spanking is useful ONLY at an early age. After that (and if you did it right), all you ever need is a stern talking to, making sure you command respect.

BIG difference between corporal discipline and child abuse. I've never really seen the use in corporal discipline though. Okay, I'll admit that if there was corporal discipline at my school, I would be a lot less badly behaved, but for most it's not a real deterrent

#31, the kid wasn't making a scene. You are a perfect example of how you think you have good parenting skills when you clearly don't. Don't be so strict the kid clearly wasn't making a scene.

"Making a scene", "Shouting at your parents", "Talking back", call it whatever you will. If you allow it, you allow the degradation of your child's discipline. And corporal punishment (as in physical?) is sometimes necessary in extreme cases. It is obviously to be avoided, and no longer necessary when the kid gets bigger (if he/she has been raised right... if not, you may still need it to set them straight first).

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Pssh, I was spanked when I was a brat when I was a kid and I turned out fine. That being said, the kid in this FML does not deserve a spanking! It isn't like they knew what they were saying. Geez.

Yes haha. A spanking for saying this? Who gives a fuck? Let the people stare, this is a perfectly normal and explainable thing to say and if they can't get over their child molestation cliches then they can die like the animals they are.

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spanking her for saying that is not a good thing because if she is ever "touched there" then she will not say "DON'T TOUCH ME THERE!" if she doesn't want to be. spanking is meant for something when kids run into the road randomly or when they talk back to parents, NOT when they say a sentence they don't even know is wrong. some people on this website just don't think before they make comments. i hate the ones that are about cheating wives and the comment-ers all just say CHOKE THAT BITCH. yup, killing her is going to solve everything.

There are a many broken yard sticks from when I was disciplined in my younger days. Not sure how much it helped in turning me into the paranoid aggressive guy I am today...

@56 Because clearly, everyone on the internet is serious and means what they say 110%.

Serious. Business.

I was spanked as a child... I turned out fine. Its just a disciplinary method.

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As soon as they got home someone should have been spanked? Do you recommend the child spanking the dad for touching her "there"? :P

You're an idiot. Why should she be spanked because she told her dad to not tickle her? As if a 4 year-old would even know that the phrase "dont touch me there" has anything to do with molestation or abuse(unless said child already was abused.) Don't have kids, you sick fuck. You don't hit a small child for protesting something that annoys them such as tickling.

Excuse me? How is a child telling their parent to not tickle them the same thing as disrespect or back talking? Or are children simply their parents' property to tolerate whatever mom and dad do to them? These attitudes towards children are EXACTLY why child abuse happens. You sit and tell a child they should be 100% obedient and submissive to you and other adults, then of course you're enabling them to be abused because you're belittling them and stripping away their rights to protest when something is actually going wrong. The man in the OP didn't do anything wrong by playing a silly game and the girl did nothing wrong by letting him know she doesn't like to be tickled. She has the right to avoid unecessary physical contact as any other human.

EXACTLY somebody on here makes sense! i totally agree X )

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31, any basic child development course teaches that spanking is NOT effective at an early age. A child doesn't understand the correlation between you hitting them and them biting their sibling. They only get that you are hurting them and they don't know why. Only around age 3 or 4 do they start to get the relation. Maybe you are right and the majority of the experts are wrong, though. 38, this was not an EXTREME case, and I think that's what most people's point is. A reflex "Don't do that" is not "talking back" and if you consider it that, I feel sorry for your children.

k im not gonna lie, if my kid did that, screw it you're going home to a sore ass. that being said, i would also say why the kid got said spanking. I was spanked once. Thats it, thats all, no other encouragement was needed for me to not do stuff like this, course, the kid probly didnt know what she was saying in these times

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SOLUTION: Calm her down a bit... then SMACK THE SHIT OUT OF HER

Number 5 fuck you. I was physically abused when I was a kid and your post made me think of it and cry.....

Arcterion, you're a piece of shit judging from your comment. Thousands of kids have died from a little "bodily harm."

#106 wow, seriously? if you're where a physical child, I seriously doubt that you would talk about it on a place like this, and even more, that you would admit thinking of it makes you cry. and really, maybe you should consider roughing up a little if a comment on FML is making you cry, because #5 was probably just joking - a very bad one of those, indeed. but hey, I was spanked as a kid, and i never did those thongs again. but when I was a kid, spanking your own children weren't illegal by law yet.

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My parents spanked me as a little kid. I don't disobey them anymore.

I was also spanked as a kid. I turned out all right. However, like a lot of people have said, I don't think she should be spanked for this. It's not like she knew she was going to make OP look like a pedophile. Oh, and #115 : I see spanking didn't teach you to pay attention in english class, or very much respect, either.

Don't kids say the darndest things?

yeah i hope she got what she deseved

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Your kid is awesome/10

that's my no-no square

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R-a-p-e get yo hands, off of me

lol that's kids for you they'll play with you like that.