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Today, I was at the doctors getting a pap smear and she asked if it was alright if a doctor in training could come in to observe. I was already laying on the table with my feet in the stirups so everything was in plain sight. When the man came in to observe I looked up to see my brother in law. FML
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Awkward as hell. He'll probably bring it up during the wedding toasts too. 8D

"aquward".. is that awkwardness under the sea?


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well you should have said " I know it's all In good condition down there your brother already checked me out before I came up here " aw maybe kinda lame just quif and make um leave the room lol

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wow. I think I would have probably died f embarrassment, but I nothing else it gives you a funny story to tell at parties, right?

At least it wasn't her brother. That would have been reeealy awkward

wao hahahaha f his mind

Awkward as hell. He'll probably bring it up during the wedding toasts too. 8D

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notice she says "brother-in-law" so therefore she's already married his brother.

or her sister married him

Actually it would be illegal for him to bring it up with anyone other than her in private and her doctor.

damn, that musta been aquward as hell

"aquward".. is that awkwardness under the sea?

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Well, it is fishy under the sea...

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Most awkward moment ever. Next family dinner is going to be interesting...

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Well at least your bother-in-law is a doctor...well that's just awkward. Hopefully he was looking at you in a more professional way...

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Wow thats really gotta suck. <_<

OMG I feel so bad for you. Not only is that very awkward, but you have to find some way to tell your sister (if you do at all)... I can't get over how terrible that is! I really hope this one is fake, for OP's sake. Haha, I can rhyme!