By ChubbyButt - 16/01/2013 10:48 - Canada - Brampton

Today, I was at the doctor's for a regular check-up. When my appointment was over and I was about to walk out, she yelled across the room in front of everyone, "Oh and if you could lose some weight, that'd be great." FML
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Unprofessional. Time for a new doctor...

Yeah, your doctor is very insensitive...


Yeah, your doctor is very insensitive...

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This reminds me of DocBastard

Well that's what you get when your doctor is free...

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She could eat fired for that it's violating HIPPA.

83 don't insult free national health it has many numerous advantages and disadvantages but having unprofessional doctors is in no way more common in a 'free' service than any other service.

89 you mean HIPPO, right?

I'm probably going to get downvoted, but can't people tell that OP is a little (or a lot) overweight and needs to slim down? it may be a little insensitive... but still

105 sorry we can't all take pictures in bikinis. Stop acting like you know anything about how "morbidly obese" OP is.

106. I'm not acting like I know anything. I'm simply stating that people can usually tell if you're overweight of not by looking at you.. The doctor didn't give any "new" information.

my bestie and I are the same weight. she is seen as obese I am seen as just overweight. all because of a 7cm height difference. technically were both only overweight. how can seeing it make any difference? looks are deceiving. and doctors have a duty of care to confidentiality. they cant say anything specific to you in public. about any medical condition

And how would you feel if someone decided to shout out details or criticisms about your weight to a room full of strangers? Maybe she does need to lose weight but that’s no excuse to shout it out in front of everyone. that’s something that needs discussed in private

Unprofessional. Time for a new doctor...

So, OP must think that if the Dr. hadn't mentioned it, people wouldn't have noticed that she was overweight.

50: well the larger problem at hand is that the doctor didn't respect OP's privacy and blurted out something that could have been discussed in the privacy of the doctor's office.

It's a little different than if the doctor yelled... "Come back during your next outbreak and we'll look at that genital herpes!"

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Completely put of line. I hope the doctor gets a warning or something. EDIT: 2 beat me to it! I have shamed you all!!

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out of line**** that will hopefully prevent some unwanted grammar nazis...

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Most respectable grammar nazis won't waste time correcting simple typos. Anyone who does is just a wannabe.

hey baby;)

#54: This is not a dating website. If you wish to contact a user with inappropriate flirtatious messages, there is a PM feature. Fortunately, users also have the option to block PM's from certain members; I have the feeling such will be the case with you.

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Touché, #20.. touché. but still the wannabes are even more annoying than the real ones. Seriously, if you make a few mistakes, fine. But if you make an effort to write like a cat walking on a keyboard, someone needs to stop it and quickly. wanna fuck

That bitch ..

no. you see, she is at the doctors, not the vet.

There's a time and a place for public shaming, but a dr's office ain't it.

There is not a time, nor a place for body shaming, public or otherwise.

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How about pubic shaving? What?

I disagree, if something that you have deliberately done/ or deliberately done nothing to fix about your body is putting your health at risk, then it's time for body shaming. A lot of people ignore someone who sugar coats things, sometimes you have to be harsh in order to help.

There's a difference between telling the truth and shaming.

It's possible to say to someone "Your weight has put you in danger of blah, blah, blah, blah, and if you don't get it under control you will likely die" and still be ignored because saying that something is LIKELY to happen is still not a guarantee it WILL happen, and therefore why the hell should I really care? That same person however upon being embarrassed in such a fashion as this one, may then turn around and actually try to lose weight simply to avoid the embarrassment and as a side effect gain better health. It may well be that this doctor has tried repeatedly to drive home that the OP needs to lose some weight to stay healthy and has been ignored. This may be their last resort.

The doc should've told you in private. But your user name is chubbybutt so maybe you should hop on a treadmill

At least the doctor made it rhyme for her.

Some people lack common sense. It's sad when they say stuff and lack a good filter. Make sure next time you remind him/her that a breach doctor patient confidentiality is considered malpractice.

The fact that the OP is overweight becomes apparent the second she steps out into public. Good luck building a suit on that.. Obesity is a counter indication to health much like high blood pressure is. It isn't a medical condition that grants you special privileges.

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Overweight people will thumb down 45 cause they mad

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What the doctor said didn't breach doctor-patient confidentiality; it was simply poor bedside manner. It's not even close to being malpractice.

45 & 71 I'm in good shape and I thumbed both of you down. You might have to take a moment to think about why that is.

Actually it's worse. I worked at a hospital for a year and they made it very clear every time that you can not discuss or release any information that a patient confided in you or anything related to their health. Although I agree that obesity is quite obvious to spot, it doesn't change the fact that it is still a topic of health that was addressed in public by a doctor during work hours.

And before you get mad at me, yes I agree that's a super ambiguous and very stupid law

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45 + 71 anyone with a decent grasp on respecting fellow human beings will thumb you down.

So the mods do not allow me to respond to this comment or is the site just fukin up?

And I cant even edit my comments when they finally do post.. Great site.. Sum1 pls delete these two comments.

3rd attempt.. 97&113 I see that you feel this is a condition that garners sympathy. That mentality is why obesity is an epidemic in this country. These are people that lead unhealthy lifestyles and are too lazy to change them. You wouldn't be this supportive of a drug addict who "can't help it" so what's different here?

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Reminds me of the boss in the movie Office Space.

Hey fatass what's happening, listen I'm gonna need you to lose like 50 pounds m'kay?

Glad I'm not the only one that thought that!

skyeyez9 24

Yeah, and come in for work on Saturday and Sunday, cause that would be great.

if she gets a stomach staple she better not get it from a red swingline or else she may burn the whole place to the ground.

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And that's when you replied "I already did when your fees sucked up all my money, you insensitive bitch" right?..., Right???

What fees? Healthcare in Canada is free

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Oh my God!! They're from Canada???!!

In some cases, no, it's actually cheaper to actually do the trip. My mom had to get dental surgery once while we were living in the US and it was cheaper for her to hop on a plane to Brazil and have it done there than to have the surgical procedure in the US.

RedPillSucks 31

Sorry, I commented previously from the App which doesn't show the OPs location

Pyapi - Medical tourism like you're describing can be very dangerous. If there are complications, the doctors back home would have to manage them, and surgical techniques vary widely from country to country. It's strongly discouraged.

Doc-That's an understatement. One of my aunt's friends went to a doctor while she was in Nigeria for a routine checkup, and never made it out of the office. For those of you that are slightly slow-she died, and left behind two daughters and a husband. And she didn't even have surgery. A ROUTINE CHECKUP. Never go to a foreign country for surgery just because it's discounted. Never has the phrase "you get what you pay for" been any more true than in these situations.

RedPillSucks 31

While I agree with you in the extreme, there are facilities in other countries whose medical techniques are on par with (where-ever-you're-from) but is cheaper. My brother went to Germany to have some heart surgery. The round trip flight and the medical costs was less that what the insurance in the US wouldn't cover and Germany has decent medical. Also, a lot of hospitals in India have very good doctors (who can and do get hired by American hospitals). Bottom line, do your research and consult your local doctor before trying this. Truly Caveat Emptor

As medicine gets more and more specialised i guess travelling to foreign countries to get treatment will become more common I'm british and we get people from all over using our hospitals like great ormond street which specialises in child care. However getting health care on the cheap may be like cheaping out on the brakes if you dont know what your doing.

DocBastard - I know about Medical Tourism and its dangers, but in this case it doesn't really apply. Before living in the US we had lived in Brazil for 5 years and the doctor she went to get surgery with was actually a very trusted doctor who we had known for quite a few years. In this case, the "unknown procedures and doctor" were actually those in the US. I know where you're coming from, though. My mom only did that because we had lived there before and were familiar with how things were done over there. Otherwise, it's better to just stick to the country where you live and the doctors there.

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Well the embarassment wont kill you, but those extra pounds just might.