By gotmon3y - / Tuesday 7 April 2009 16:12 / United States
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wow, you needed a witty comeback...i.e. "did someone step on a duck?" or "did you hear those barking spiders"

why is everybody being so mean- he didn't do something ridiculous he was just trying to impress them- wtf is wrong with that? it's not like he was doing something obnoxious or rude

Ha ha that is awesome! I feel for you guy, but in the same situation I would have laughed at a fart too. Farts are funny - thats why when somethings funny people say "thats gas"

Your own damn fault. Put a shirt on, you're offputting to look at anyway. They probably would have laughed at your efforts, fart or no fart. Pathetic.

By  jm88

I'm still not certain if people who walk around without a shirt are egotistical douches or if I'm, in some way, jealous of it. I think its the former.

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