By gotmon3y - United States
Today, I was at the beach walking on the boardwalk without a shirt on. Two cute girls are walking my way and I decide to try and impress them by flexing my abs. While I flexed them, I accidentally let a fart out that everyone heard. Everybody, including the girls, laughed hysterically at me. FML
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By  rinaldy  |  0

why is everybody being so mean- he didn't do something ridiculous he was just trying to impress them- wtf is wrong with that? it's not like he was doing something obnoxious or rude

By  amelinat  |  0

Ha ha that is awesome! I feel for you guy, but in the same situation I would have laughed at a fart too.

Farts are funny - thats why when somethings funny people say "thats gas"

By  jm88  |  0

I'm still not certain if people who walk around without a shirt are egotistical douches or if I'm, in some way, jealous of it. I think its the former.