By ol faithful - 03/09/2011 09:24 - Canada

Today, I was at the bar with a date. My date made a joke about me being a slow drinker, so I tried to impress her by chugging the rest of my glass. She was impressed with how fast I chugged my beer, until it came back up. FML
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Did it taste better the second time?

Sunny_Eclipse 6

Who cares about what the date says, OP? To impress her, be yourself. But, yeah, you do sorta deserve it.


Did it taste better the second time?

HowAreYouToday 34

Nah. The second time, the beer tasted of failure and embarrassment.

Hope for a puke fetish !

Girls who are impressed by beer drinking aren't worth your time.

Your trying to hard.

hellbilly205 17

Way to hold your alchohol...

And she just wanted to take advantage of you... Way to blow it...

impress her with your vodka drinking

Vomiting : twice the taste, zero the calories ! What else ?

Shes so sweet, marry her!

je_suis_fml 11

be yourself and lose the babe...

When you puked did you cry and tell her "this is what you did to me?"

You fail, but thanks for trying.

Haha, nice question here! =D

ledstratdak 0

chug ever clear. be a man

agreed. and I noticed that most of the gals who make comments like that about being slow drinkers or not drinking enough, usually turn out to be lushes to like to sleep with guys while drunk but always inevitably blame it on their drinking (habit)...which is usually a regular thing (habit). But this is just my experience, it's not a "rule", per se. ;]

Sunny_Eclipse 6

Who cares about what the date says, OP? To impress her, be yourself. But, yeah, you do sorta deserve it.

But, yeah, you do deserve it. Fixed that for ya!

Was that really necessary? ^ He had perfect grammar the whole way through and then you corrected him on say sorta? Sorta is a word dumbass.

cptmorgan6 8

I don't think he was trying to correct him more so agree with him.

amayasoma 19

Obviously he was correcting. He said "Fixed that for ya!" Why else would he say that?


fixed what dumbass...this is an informal forum

Sunny_Eclipse 6

Don't be wise, 12.

Grammar Nazis don't take slang in consideration although that's how most Americans talk. We say sorta not sort of same with everything that ends with an "ing" we drop the "g", but whatever

I'm pretty sure 12 was correcting him by saying he doesn't "sorta" deserve it, he definitely deserves it. Basically, saying that OP deserves all of what he got, rather than it being partially his fault, which sorta would imply. Sheesh, people, lighten up.

75, most grammar nazis DO take slang and abbreviations into consideration. We just don't like when ppl mix up your/you're and they're/their/there. And 12 is an idiot, not a grammar nazi.

He wasn't correcting his spelling, grammar, or anything else to do with sentence structure. What he WAS correcting, was the idea that the OP only "sorta" deserved it. Instead, he completely deserved it.

a_nutritionist 10

nawww all the butthurt grammar nazi haters jumped at the opportunity to finally be right about something. alas, once again you all prove how stupid you are by not even comprehending whats going on.

Girls only like boys with Pokemon skills.

JayJ17 7

It's hilarious how you people always start arguments by trying to correct others on there grammar mistakes. Get a life and stop trying to be a know-it-all on an app/website.

Amateur drinkers should not chug.

Agreed. I started drinking at 15 (I do not condone that decision) and rarely chug. If you don't drink to get drunk, then there's really no reason to chug an alcoholic beverage.

This is how it went. girl "haha you can't drink worth shit!" Guy *challenge accepted* starts to chug.... Feels it start to come up, then pukes on chick. Girl "FUUUUUU---- Y U NO HOLD DOWN BEER? Guy "Y U NO IMPRESSED? Girl walks away Guy.... Forever alone

PurpleWaffles 2

Are you from tumblr?!

22cute 17

Yeah, here's a tip: if your date needs drinking antics to be impressed you need to date other people.

fadingfaith 4

#79 Don't say the T word!!

3- that's not what your mom said.

68 sooo much win there... Nice one

Awww you really think so? I think it's missing a few, but hell, I'll get over it.

linnie_wesker 20

YDI for trying to impress a girl by chugging beer.

maybe it was the girl from an FML not long ago who dumped her boyfriend for not drinking enough?

Sort of* but we say it like sorta most of the time

Why does this keep replying to the wrong one?

4 impresses girls by raping small animals. I'd rather impress a bitch by drinking...

ZanyZak 0

I live in Scottdale P.A. I freaked when I saw where you live until I reddit a little closer.

YDI, You should've known better

Did it taste better the second time

bigguy123456 2

Dont copy him man.

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Yeah, man. Listen to the shirtless dude, bro.

ifailplzinsultme 0

Well the comment wasn't better the 2nd time

;D shirt guy and tannish girl got a point

Your nipple mustaches are showing bro...

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Why are you looking at his nips, bro?

snowdrift 6

You deserved that 1...

Such a amature and that's funny

You kinda suck at spelling.

JRockk 2

*such aN amateur...

What? That didn't impress them?

I dunno about you but I'd fuckin' marry a girl willing to puke for me! That's HAWTTT ;D