By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was at the airport to catch a plane. It was very crowded at the gate and there was nowhere to sit except for a flat metal bench, so I sat on that. Turns out I was sitting on a luggage scale, so my weight was displayed for everybody to see. FML
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It'd be even funnier if she broke the scale. I really don't understand how people knowing how much you weigh matters. They have eyes, I'm sure they could guesstimate it within 20-30 lbs. anyway.

  harmony88  |  0

Unless she was sitting all the way on the scale (indian style or otherwise), it wouldn't even display her full weight because her feet would probably be on the floor. So an intelligent person would realize she weighed even more than the scale showed. I'm so glad I don't care if other people know how much I weight (not that I'm overweight, I just don't care).

By  e286  |  0

It's possible that she's not fat, but just very self conscious. Fat people can still find a "man to lead them and their fat woman brains", especially the ones that care more about personality than looks. If you saw an open bench, can you honestly say that you would rather stand than sit for a bit? And maybe women worry about their weight so they can "get sexy and find a man."

As for your last sentence, that's rediculous. If you seriously think that the man's opinion comes first in regards to ANOTHER PERSON's body, then I think YOU need a woman to lead your stupid man brain.

By  subarchetta  |  0

That is a little embarrassing. Sure people can probably guess your weight, but if I'm sure many people would find it funny to see a fat chick sitting on a scale with her weight displayed in big numbers. Sounds like something you'd see in a freak show.


She took the fun out of the guessing game. :)

You don't think it's slightly funny that this whole situation came about because she didn't want to stand? LOL, fuck exercising, she didn't even want to stand!