By kallens - 15/01/2009 23:08 - United States

Today, I was at Target with my mom. After 10 minutes of my mom walking around looking confused, I said, "Mom, what are you looking for? I worked at this place for 4 years, I know where everything is." My mom was looking for KY. FML
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The real FML here is that you worked at Target for four years.


hahaha, sucks to be you

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it's her mother! it's gross.

A couple of months ago I found KY in my 50+ year old mom's bedside table. Whoops. Beats my friend who found her dad's dual prince alberts.

The real FML here is that you worked at Target for four years.


Agree with #4, how could you work at Target for 4 years and not kill yourself. Just being in that place makes me feel like shit. I can't imagine working there.

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i know someone who is still working at hyvee after 15 years

Depends on what Target you go to. The one by where I live is pretty nice and clean.

KY is a type of lube

I always thought it was some sort of special condom. shows how much I know :)

My first thought was Kentucky

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What the heck it lube?

If you don't know, you're not old enough to know .

Ur so young