By scared to leave the house - Canada - Williams Lake
Today, I was at Starbucks after having a rough day. The old man beside me was talking to his friend. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him point at me and say, "See that beautiful girl over there?" Flattered, I listened closer, until he finished his statement with, "She's gonna die." FML
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  zandalee  |  19

Flick your hair back, grin showing lots of teeth, drop your handbag and dance around it. If he still stares at you with murderous intent, run like hell.

  niall92  |  6

yeah! it sounds like they were having a conversation about the frailty and impermanence of life. i think you just heard it out of context, op. no reason for alarm.

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

You obviously didn't stick around for the rest of his sentence. He was going to say that you'll die happy and loved, surrounded by friends and family. Way to make him look like a complete asshole.

By  bsmith9942  |  11

Of course you are going to die. Everyone dies. It's part of life. I'm sure that's what he meant. If he said you're going to die young, then you should be worried.