By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was at QuickTrip. As I was leaving, I passed a woman who was saying "stay" very sternly through her open driver's side door. I smiled as I passed, saying "Your dog wants to follow you huh? I've been there." She glared at me and said "No. That's my son. He's mentally challenged." FML
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  fml98kevin  |  4

i see what you mean, but the child obliously doesbt have something common, like autism. its probably something that completely stops their brain from developing. i know a few kids that go to my school that would need that kinda of treatment.

By  Raven_fml  |  0

Mentally challenged or not, you don't talk to your son like he's a dog. Not your fault at all, and why is she leaving her kid alone in the car anyway? Parenting fail on two counts.