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Today, I was at my job as a flight attendant. A passenger on my plane stopped breathing and turned blue. As I cleared his airways and was busy strapping an oxygen mask to his face, the passenger behind him tried to hand me her trash. Apparently I'm a walking trash can, no matter what I'm doing. FML
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Wtf is wrong with people?

at least the guy didn't die right? so your a heroic trash can :)


Wtf is wrong with people?

I know, seriously, cant they see someone is dying? Or is their garbage more important?

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why the fuck would you put an oxygen mask on him when he's having trouble breathing? The oxygen mask only helps if theres no air in the plane, otherwise your just putting a bag over his head with a small hole in it

I doubt she meant that kind of Oxygen mask, and rather one that supplies something like 100% oxygen - helps you get more oxygen if you're having trouble breathing

People can be so selfish and ignorant.

#47, Clearly, it says that she cleared his airways, which would allow him to breath, and gave him the oxygen he was deprived of while he was NOT breathing. Next time you try to be smart dont be so fucking stupid

he means that the oxygen masks on the plane wont give out anything unless the air is low

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They have a separate, portable oxygen tank that will supply 100% oxygen when hooked up to an oxygen mask.

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Except if you breathe in pure oxygen, your probaly gonna die realll soon because your body can't handle that

#72 take a few first aid courses before you talk

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Thank you.

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completely not true. What do you thing fighter pilots breathe? Also, they have Oxygen bars, you breathe 100% there also.

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Another thank you.

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pure oxygen or O is highly reactive. What you breathe is scientifically called dioxygen, or O2 Take a chemistry class if you wanna know what your talking about.

Oxygen gas is a diatomic element, and as such is referred to as just "oxygen" in most cases, not dioxygen since O radicals generally are very rare in nature. You wouldn't call the other diatomic elements "dihydrogen" or "diflourine" now would you? 100% oxygen in this case refers to a tank filled with only O2 and no other gas, as the atmosphere is really mostly nitrogen and only 20% O2, which would not be enough to revive someone deprived breathing for a few minutes.

Oh, and additionally, if you tried to fill a tank with unpaired O atoms, it would likely explode, quite powerfully, from the heat of the atoms bonding and returning to the more stable diatomic state. Maybe it's you who needs to retake chemistry. :D

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oxygen toxicity, read up on it. breathing 100% oxygen can be dangerous

Drinking water can be dangerous too. Doesn't mean it doesn't have uses when appropriate.

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@#81 Al chemists know about common names of things. Oxygen in it's common usage is O2. So if you want to go on about how oxygen really is O, you are going to sound like a dumbass.

I am giving tho op and drexel both permisson to slap a bitch! Lol and cucuto who really gives a fuck about the oxy mask it obviously worked or the op wouldve said that the guy died so op u are my hero and cucuto you are a dumbass and u deserved to be punched in the face for fighting with a hero

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i agree with #81 the pure form of oxygen is/can be a poisonous gas. the oxygen we breathe is not pure oxygen it is a mix of other elements. also its flamible so i'm sure the oxygen tank on the airplane is not the pure form but think of it is a concetrated tank of the air we breathe. not oxygen itself. that's all 81 is saying. It's what you'll find in basic chemistry.

We all know oxygen is flammible but if u read 81's earlier posts it just sounds like hes trying to be an asshole. Thats why everyone voted their posts off.

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@122: here are the facts, dumbass. the oxygen in all oxygen tanks (medical tanks, etc)? that's right, it's 100% oxygen!! it's also 100% oxygen where? in all space capsules!! which makes you (wait for it), a complete idiot!!!! maybe educate yourself before saying the absolute opposite of the truth.

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now, oxygen toxicity does exist, but it's nowhere near immediate or anything of that sort. if it was, people in hospitals, in fact, everyone who gets any oxygen, would die. do you see that happening? no? thought so.

Okay 122 #81 is pretty much saying that breathing oxygen will kill you and that makes him a dumbass because guess what? I just took a lungfull o oxygen and im still alive! I know its pretty much unbelievable for stupid dickheads like u that are agreeing with a dumbass who was arguing with someone who saved someones life. Another reason why 81 is a dumbass is that he actually thinks that oxygen tanks are full of O when in fact theyre full of O2. If oxygen tanks were full of pure elemental O oxygen, half the people in hospitals would die, everyone on a space ship ,rocket, and space station would die, and all scuba divers would die. To sum it all up, 81 is a dumb ass and so r u for agreeing with him

Okay... if he's not been breathing for a while pure oxygen will get into his blood stream faster. But its high levels of carbon dioxide which stimulates breathing in humans, not low oxygen levels... So if he's not breathing he should probably have some CO2 in his lungs, not just oxygen. Then again, she probably would get the oxygen into him, then take it away so the carbon dioxide gets him breathing again... Yep.


this is honestly the first time i've seen a science debate on FML . usually people are giving each other shit over the misuse of a word or poor spelling. yay Internet!!! also, oxygen tanks ARE exactly what their names imply. tanks of Oxygen. and, yes, to breathe in pure O2 for extended periods of time can be hazardous, someone who has been deprived for a few minutes needs as much as they can get to prevent loss of brain tissue. so gdiaf, cucuto. take a fucking science class, and a first aid class, and try to know what you're talking about before you open your stupid fucking mouth.

She is not talking about an oxygen mask from a tank. She is talking about a CPR barrier - you place the barrier over the victim's mouth and breathe into their mouth. The CPR barrier allows air into the victim, but not back out the the CPR mask. This way the rescuer does not contract a sickness from the victim. I'm a lifeguard - you guys all need to take some First Aid/CPR lessons.

All space capsuals are not filled with pure oxygen, they use a nitrogen oxygen mix

... If she meant that, I think she would have said that. Not that I was present, but i assume she's referring to an oxygen tank, like the rest of the people have been saying. My great aunt had to wheel one around with her. So cheers to A, doing your job, and B, helping someone breathe. And I'm sorry that people are jerks who don't think about anyone but themselves.

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Yes she is talking about an oxygen mask. She says she was "busy strapping an oxygen mask to his face." The CPR barrier you are referring to doesn't strap onto a persons face.

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@ 127/130. ok understood. but insulting other to get your point across? seriously get a fucking life. it's the internet.

winemysavior 4

p.s i don't think anyone read this right at all. i agreed with 81 on the fact that pure oxygen (meaning pure without the mixed elements) is toxic. then i ended that sentence with a period. after that i began talking about soemthing else and how those oxygen tanks are ok because its not the toxic form. its just the air we breathe but better (hence why i said concetrated). there. only 2 didn't understand.

Actually i saw something like this on my westjet flight, there was an elderly lady who was having trouble breathing or something, but the flight attendants actually manually dropped the mask for that particular seat and activated the ENRICHED AIR flow, rather than waisting the preasious portable air tanks designated for emergency cabin crew use And pure O2, while it won't exactly kill you, it can have an effect similar to illigal drugs, hence the oxygen bars And scuba divers/airplains/astronaughts all use enriched air with elevated levels of O2 so as to save space but not cause euphoria like reactions

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I don't think it matters. you saved someone life. be proud

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oh ya # 49000

Actually 124 Oxygen is NOT flammible it is necessary for other elements to burn, yet oxygen itself does not.

Yes it can u dummy

That is possibly the saddest thing i've ever read

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116- your an ass.did you know that?

Well, his name DOES have douchebag in it.

at least the guy didn't die right? so your a heroic trash can :)

Slipknot is better then any rap band. End of discussion

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maybe they thought their trash could help you save his life... but congrats on saving him

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Jeez...I can't believe how little consideration people have for human lives anymore.

What an ass, hopefully the guy you were helping lived. Good job!!!

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good job, that person was an ass though... those idiots are the type of people that should be weeded out of the gene pool. for christ's sake...

FYL for not realizing the universe revolves around that passenger and her trash.

you just can't get the service these days..

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Just tell them to hold the on. You were obviously doing something more important. And if they get ignorant with you, point out for all to see and hear how retarded they're being. Then they get to look like a jackass. Congratz on saving a life.

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That is exactly what I was going to say.

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seemed like a logical answer to me, right lol?

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either that or some throat kicking. when they cant breath from the kick, instead of helping them, you should start collecting other peoples trash.

I'd say it's a bit more of a FML for the guy who stopped breathing and turned blue, but maybe that's just me...