By screw the cat - 24/07/2012 05:10 - United States - South Jordan

Today, I was at my girlfriend's house when we noticed her cat was missing. We saw it on the roof and so I thought I would try to look good by offering to go on the roof to retrieve it. The cat had climbed down when I got up there, and I have a fear of heights. Her mom had to help me down. FML
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To get in the mind of a pussy you must BECOME one.

At least you tried despite your fear, that's sweet!! Good job. Also your name up there made me LOL.


To get in the mind of a pussy you must BECOME one.

Mission accomplished! But it's cool being afraid of heights. Just not cool her mom helped you down. Haha. Nice try at least.

My cats climb on the roof all the time. They like to meow in my skylight at night and wake me up, too. The bastards.

I guess we should just be thankful OP's girlfriend didn't have a small female dog on the roof... To get in the mind of a little bitch, ect....

If you're afraid of heights, why'd you clmb the roof in the first place? There are plenty of other alternatives.

Oh god, I was terribly confused because I read the FML as if it were her "car" missing. When she said it climbed down I knew something was wrong haha

I thought the same thing o.O

i would have coaxed it down first... or said it'll come down on its own.

Yeah, really. "Oh shoot, Kitty's on the roof.... Well, she managed to get up there so she'll get down eventually. Let's go eat or something."

My cat goes on the roof all the time. He comes down eventually.

2 you're cute :)

2 you're cute ahah :p.

Props for trying?

At least you tried despite your fear, that's sweet!! Good job. Also your name up there made me LOL.

I agree, when I read this I thought it was really sweet and automatically thought he didn't deserve it

When my cat got stuck in a tree, I lured her it with cheese... Because, who doesn't like cheese?

OMG did someone say cheese?!?! *gets massive erection*

Yeah, makes sense that the cat likes cheese because mice like cheese, cat like mice, so cats like cheese:)

I fucking love cheese! And bacon. And Cashews. *drool*

Or canned tuna. Works every time with mine.

I'm sure she will appreciate the fact you were scared but still willing to go and help the cat down. So, no big deal :)

Be glad her dad didn't have to help you, that would've given him seconds thoughts about you being with her

I don't see why he would have second thoughts. Everyone has fears.

I think there are now two pussys at your girlfriend's house ;) YDI it for trying to act tough when you knew you had a fear of heights.

Derp that makes three lol if you know what I mean xD

Derp that makes four, cat, him, girlfriend, mom, trolls sucking at trolling.

No one is afraid of heights--they're afraid of falling.

no #65: I am terrified of heights....would much rather fall than be up high. Thank you, that is all

That was sweet of you to offer. Even though you were scared and needed help down, I'm sure you scored mad points with your gf and her mom.

Thats okay, im sure she still likes/loves you... You went up there even when you knew you had fear of hights.. Thats brave! :)