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Today, I was at my girlfriend's house for the first time. I cracked a joke that offended her, so she gave me the silent treatment. I had to pee, and since she wouldn't tell me where the bathroom was, I went to look for it. I walked in on her parents making love. FML
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SW500 13

Why would they do that while anyone but the family was over?


Oh, you have met two fockers finally.

You should have asked them where the bathroom was!

blackheart24 10

Shake hands and intorduce your self. Unless ur chicken

Honestly best thing ever now go tell you're GF then right after say how horny you are

95 - "Hey honey. I was just looking for the bathroom, and I walked in on your parents going at it doggy style. It made me soooo horny! So if you aren't still mad..." Hmm. A bit creepy, but to each his own.

I guess knocking on the door was rude -_-

fromthesuck 8

See this as a win. You now have information that can get her to break her silence

I mean was it a Mansion it's not hard to find a bathroom... And bathroom doors are a wee bit smaller than a bed room door. Now I'd understand if you walked into a closet ...

Posiedon57 0

-46 ... Perhaps he did walk into a closet, and that's where he met the parents?

45-Where in rhis FML did you see OP mention that his girlfriend had a Mansion?

All my doors are the exact same size. To me, bathrooms are easy to figure out. All you need to do is look at the bottom of the door and look for the marble thresholds. Most bathrooms have those.(:

At my house the doors are all the same size and you can't see far enough under the door (without laying on the ground) to see the floor. So, I understand his problem. The parents should have a lock!

SW500 13

Why would they do that while anyone but the family was over?

RahmEsHestos 5

Maybe they were just super horny and couldn't control themselves. It's not excusable, but haven't you ever strongly had that urge to ****?

They're married and it's their house. They can **** whenever they want!!!

Yea, but not when they're supposed to be watching their daughter and her boyfriend to prevent them from doing what they were doing themselves

My parents have done it many times... They probably don't think anyone will hear or find out. Or, ya know, they don't care.

The real question is why the hell didn't he knock?!

tdawg4200 0

It's their house, they can do whatever they want! It's also likely that they got it on thinking no one's home, and the daughter decided to come home with the boyfriend and ruin their fun!

Fastest way to get introduced to people

Hello Mr. and Mrs. ****.....I mean Smith. *cough*

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17 - There is always that one retard...

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MatheusRajuidas 5

136 - When you add a bit of cuteness to stupidity, it's still stupid. If you add a bit of stupidity to cuteness, it becomes kinda stupid. Conclusion? Stupidity is stronger.

When you have resorted to hitting on girls on the Internet I don't think stupidity is going to matter much.

Buttsexpirate 9

Hope the surprise didn't make you pee yourself.

What lesson had we learnd today?! NEVER make fun of your girlfriend

addiizcherry 0

Sometimes jokes can be offensive by accident- my overly sensitive friend and O were talking about our elementary school- and I said they had no control over bullying and she was like "no, it's an a school" and I said "it is, but that doesn't mean the people there were nice" and she was offended, even though I was in different classes.

tdawg4200 0

No, the lesson is get a funnier girlfriend.

CrocodilePolice 5

I guess there are two ways to meet your new girlfriends parents! You definitely went down the path of most resistance.

I mainly thumbed your comment up for your username xD

I'm going to punch the first person who says "THREESOME? " right in the ******* head.

CrocodilePolice 5

You're too late, #8 already said it haha.

I mean technically you said threesome first so you should punch yourself in the face.

crocodilepolice welcome to FML I think you're going to do well here

Threesome! Join in the fun. Get at yo boy bruh

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its okay, i'll help danishbagel kick all the dudes asses that want a threesome. I got your back bro. UNITE AGAINST STUPIDITY

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