By Anonymous - 24/03/2009 16:18 - United States

Today, I was at my friends house celebrating his 16th birthday. I couldn't find my phone so I asked my friend's girl if I could borrow her phone to see if I could hear mine ringing. I dial my number and look down to find she has my number is saved in her phone as ASS FACE #3. FML
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It's better than "ASS FACE #1"

you must talk alot of shit to have that name


HAHAHAHAHA sorry wow!

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ydi for having an assface

If i don't like someone I save them with names like that. A variety of douchebag, asshole, etc.

why would your friends gf have ur #? unless you r/were friends. but by the name I guess not.

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haha ur #3 too

She is the assface is the story

you must talk alot of shit to have that name

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Hahaha you'd think she wouldn't have given it to you or at least dialed it herself. XD

It's better than "ASS FACE #1"

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Wow... That's pretty shitty... If it was like an inside joke between the two of you that would have been different but that's her being a bitch... Unless you actually did something that with or without you knowing it, put you on her shit list.

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Idk it could be an inside joke between her and someone else, Ik I've done that. One of our friends name was retard on my phone, because that's what me and my other friend call him

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bahahaha!!! funny shit

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at least there are two other assfaces you can weep with.