By BrandNewKadillak - United States
Today, I was at my 3 year-old niece's birthday party. I was swinging on their swing set when she walked directly into my path. I tried to jump off the swing, but I could not stop myself in time. I ended up kicking her in the face and giving her a black eye. Happy birthday! FML
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  vitjoey4  |  14

Not with your education maybe, but other then that 3 is old enough to walk and talk and have complex cognitive brain functions, so therefore she should be able to think that a heavy fast moving object would hurt her

By  mf_fml  |  0

reminds me of my friend's birthday parties...
her mom handed-out poppers, and since i wasn't feeling the party, i went off away from all the other kids and let my popper go off. right as soon as i did, this kid whizzed past me and it got him right in the face ("that's what she said"). total fml moment. so i can kinda feel ya on this one.

By  haxromana  |  2

Well, she won't do that again. Operant conditioning at its finest.

You'll all laugh about it when she's older. "Sweetie, do you remember that time that aunt [Name] kicked you in the face? Good times."

By  Jimboom  |  11

Ha ha! She deserved for not looking where she was going. The person swinging has little/no control over where they are going. The person walking in front of the swing set does.

By  Kitiara521  |  23

I did that once, too... 'cept I didn't feel so bad 'cause I was on the school yard swing set, I was nine, and my mother had been telling him not to walk so close to the swing set 'cause he could get hurt... and his mother should've been watching him instead of... whatever else she was doing.

At least you don't have to worry about doing *that* anymore, though. Kids learn fast with stuff like that.