By zackeryburch - United States - Los Angeles
Today, I was at Basic Training for the Army when I got a package in the mail from my friends back home. You are required to open your packages in front of your drill sergeants and peers at Basic. When I opened it, it was a dildo. FML
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  mariepastyglue  |  30

Well you and your army buddies can have a real good time now. Btw they must be really good friends to go through the trouble and expenses to ship you such a fun gift. I wish I had friends like yours....

By  kjones99  |  11

Your friends seem like funny people. They probably wanted to make sure you still had fun while at training...Sucks that you had to open it in front of your drill sergent though, OP.

  meggieeee92  |  15

People always send embarrassing things in packages when you're in basic since you have to open it in front of everyone. I sent a friend of mine a gay porn magazine just to be funny.

  br00kr  |  22

My mom told my friend to bring me a pair of underwear and he wore them down the street then loudly told my friends they were mine. I cried for awhile i was so embarressed

By  Dawnstempest  |  17

It sounds like they wanted you to have extra special attention from that important someone.
Oh, everywhere I go. Oh everywhere I go. There's a Drill Sergeant there. There's a Drill Sergeant there.