By Steph - United States
Today, I was at a soccer game when some guys walking behind me yelled that I had a nice ass. I then heard someone shout, "Hey, assholes. That's my daughter." He yelled at them for quite a while. He wasn't my dad, just some weird dude. FML
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  jbuckets_404  |  38

Now, now, Richard! Don't start going all possessive now on trying to be the sole Grammar Nazi here on this FML pg.... Smh ;-)

Yes, I know irritating it is to continually see misspellings online despite our civilization's many great technological advances, but we minders of all things literary still need to allow for people's use of mobile Auto-(In)Correct if us "edumakated" ones are to preserve what little sanity & normal blood pressure we still have. Just a thawt, Puddy Tat. ;-)

  Memnoc  |  26

Or for that matter, that they were even talking about OP. Maybe the "weird dude" does have a daughter, who just happened to be 5 meters away?

  jbuckets_404  |  38

Yea, it's one thing to simply make a point by embarrassing a young "punk" for making a sexist remark with a single retort, but to send down an on-going deluge of recrimination sounds like somebody else is in need of counseling and/or meds....

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

What's the problem? Some guy stopped you from getting catcalled, and that makes him weird? Because he pretended to be your dad to scare them off? Or because you like getting catcalled, and this guy ruined your fun? It was a pretty clever idea, really. He knew they were more likely to back off if he said he was your dad, as opposed to revealing he was a random member of the public. It might have been awkward, but it worked, so be happy. Unless you liked it.

  jbuckets_404  |  38

Tounces7, there's a big difference between being catcalled with a sleazy, sexist remark from a stranger vs. the same by a guy friend in jest. So yea, she can speak for all women of the world when it comes to sexually-based disparagement (from both genders). Cuz' she is a woman (unlike us two) who has to put up with all of the sh*t said & done by dumb-ass sexist men everywhere she goes, just like every other woman in the world. Shalom!

By  PenguinPal3017  |  19

This dude was helping you and you call him weird? smh. Next time I hope he joins in with them.

  Leviathene  |  34

^^^ THIS

By  Mellissa Maxwell  |  7

Oh my god stfu.. Cat calling doesn't equal that she'd be raped, god damn. Can't someone with a normal sex drive lift a girl's spirits up? For all these StRoNg independent women, why do you need not her man to save you? Be proactive. Carry a taser, mace, or other self defense item and pull it out it if you verbally telling them to fuck off turns physical.

By  alycion  |  38

I know in today’s social environment it’s not too common, but the term is not weirdo, it is good citizen. Maybe he paid attention to how people are being treated and decided to do his part.