By ninjapup - Canada
Today, I was at a party, chatting up this guy while we were petting my friends dog. The dog had just been outside and was kinda wet, I assumed it was raining out. Just then someone came up and said "Um, that dog's covered in pee." Apparently someone peed off the deck onto the dog as it walked by. FML
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By  daydreamstar  |  7

so maybe now you can try a dog/pee fetish... dang, now humans are worried about dogs being pissed off but now dogs have to get worried about getting pissed on. kudos for anyone who gets the reference ^^

  popoman  |  0

Why? Dogs do the same to humans sometimes. Let's show those bitches how it feels.

The time is now. The war between dogs and humans is imminent.

Who will move first? Who will assert their dominance? Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

We must band together, as humans, to fight against this canine infestation. Let us all start today. I beg of every one of you, for the sake of mankind, please urinate on as many dogs as possible...while we still can. The war can still be won. If we do not fight, then we are already dead!!!