By Churizmo - United States
Today, I was at a party and I really had to use the bathroom. There were 30-40 people talking outside the door, so I thought it would be ok to make some noise. Just as I'm about to begin having explosive diarrhea, everyone falls silent as my dad begins to pray for our meal. FML
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  Ox_Baker  |  0

Yeah, but if it were a family get together, don't you think that he would have been smart enough to NOTICE that everyone was clamoring around the dinner table? I mean, unless he was like in the bathroom for 20 minutes, which is freaky in itself. And even then, his mom would've been shouting, "Okay, everyone! It's time for dinner?" How the hell wouldn't he notice that?

Anyway, if you're going to take a shit at a party, isn't it common sense to just go upstairs? There were 30 or 40 people there, so it couldn't have been just a little double wide. The whole FML reeks (pun! ha, ha!) of shenanigans.

  ryepdx  |  0

I can see this one. This was posted on a Sunday afternoon. A lot of churches have "small groups" that meet in people's houses after church services are over. In a lot of cases everyone brings some kind of food. Thus it's a little hard to gauge when the actual eating is about to commence since everyone's waiting around until either everyone shows up or it's clear that not everyone is going to show up. In addition, the turn-around from socialization to "saying grace" is usually rather swift and the prayer may or may not be said around the table. In some cases it'll just be said where everyone has congregated and then *afterwards* everyone will funnel out to the kitchen or the dining room or wherever the food is.

So potentially *this* is what he was referring to as a "party." Definitely a strange choice of words, but I guess it's possible he was just trying to be more easily understood by what he felt was a secular audience.

Or maybe I just over think things. :-D

  MR_OHCRAP  |  0

My family is religious, and practically before everything we do, we pray. Before we drive a car for 5 minutes, before we eat, before we feed our pets. Also, religious families (obviously) care about their families, and always have get togethers.