By natashamilan / Thursday 26 February 2015 01:43 / United States - Grand Rapids
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  meli1195  |  31

I don't think they meant it as sarcastic, and if I had a close friend, I sure as hell wouldn't want them to make an insensitive joke at such a loss

  brittaaany_93  |  38

If a friend said something that insensitive to me, no matter how close they were to me, I'd throat punch them. No questions asked. Friends are suppose to be caring and supportive.


Today, my cat got into the bathroom while I was changing my tampon. As I was throwing the applicator away, I felt a sharp pain around my vagina; I looked down to find him swatting at the tampon string. FML

By fannylovesfelix - / Tuesday 10 March 2009 23:05 / United States
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