By Droolgirl - United States
Today, I was at a fancy restaurant. I was drinking some water when I noticed a hot guy eating alone at another table waving at me. I smiled back, but had forgotten to swallow the water so it dribbled out of my mouth all over my shirt. FML
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By  Pirate_argh  |  6

Haha, i guess he thought you were adorable :)
If you smiled/laughed at it afterwoods. Then no harm done.

On the other hand if not; arkward situation.
I kindda need "episode #2" of this fml =/

By  redbluegreen  |  40

I've done this. It's not that hard to forget to swallow, honestly. Your mind isn't on your mouth.
That sounded dirty. -sigh-

Was this embarrassing? Yes.
Can you recover? Yes.
Think of it as a topic starter, and laugh it off with them if you ever get to a conversation.

You're not always going to be doing something perfectly when you meet someone, don't hate on the OP.