By NotDrunk - 11/09/2012 06:47 - United States - San Diego

Today, I was at a family dinner, which had gone into meltdown after my aunt said something sarcastic about my mother's drinking. I went out for some fresh air and stumbled about in the dark, unaware of the fact that a pool was being dug. I fell into the huge hole and lost a shoe. FML
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Hiimhaileypotter 52

I think this should be an illustrated FML. The mental picture I got from this was great.

Well that wasn't poolite!


Well that wasn't poolite!

Well water you going to do?

Because the come to the surface quickly.

22 - The first sentence provides context.

Oh! I see what everyones doing here!! < sarcasm

Always remember to have a flashlight, so next time that doesn't happen :)

Of course how could OP forget to bring their flashlight to a family dinner.

HunterAlpha1 8

i always carry some kind of light source, it's just common sense. even the light from the screen of OP's cellphone could've prevented this.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I think this should be an illustrated FML. The mental picture I got from this was great.

I was walking in the park one da- AAAHHHH!!! *oomf*

I always fall in holes. They aren't even there! I know I'd fall into the pool. Then once I fell, I'd get up and fall into another hole that isn't even there.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#33) I'm pretty sure if you're falling into them, they're there.

Rddvl 11

I just had a Bill Nye flashback when he fell into that hole on stage..

Bill Nye he's not a guy, Bill Nye the nazi spy, Bill, bill, bill, bill, bill!!

I think 12 hit their head and fell down the hole...

I like to go for a dip when I'm feeling stressed. But you might want to make sure there's water next time (;

At least you didn't get wet =)

*Snickers* Oh wait, she's a man. *Epic crying/vomiting scene from Ace Ventura Pet Detective*

borkchop1992 15

Pool? Nay i say you just fell in someone's elaborate trap.

And failed to mention the sharpened bamboo chutes at the bottom.

perdix 29

You should have stayed and defended your mom's drinking. Explain to your aunt that if she had kids like you, she'd be a sloppy wino, too.

This kinda reminds me of "the little fockers" without the family bitching about of course.

And a little less nudity.

Unfinished pools remind me of that "Poltergeist" scene with the dead corpes floating to the top because they forgot to move the bodies! :o

DaisyPink 6

That's what I was thinking. I wondered if someone would mention that.