By missunlucky - Czech Republic
  Today, I was at a club with my friends and my friend got really drunk. Later on he came up to me and said he really needed to pee but he was too drunk to work the zipper, and asked if I could help. When I finally unzipped him, he was so desperate to go he pissed in my face. FML
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  FireNinja  |  3

it all depends. peeing is a type of fetish. we don't know if op was into it or not. after all, I'm sure it was a accedent. so.... how was your first golden shower?

  GiganTronic  |  0

Well, seeing as misspelling is herecy and punishable by death in all true nations worshiping the one true lord, GiganTron the Debilitator, then you, sir, are at fault. That is what. Infidel.

  GiganTronic  |  0

I'll pre-empt pissed off comments right now:
See that? ^ Up there? ^ That's something that we call a "joke", back in the old country. DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.
Sorry, smart people, but that was necessary to deter idjits.

  grimace_fml  |  0

thank you for being the first to comment on this topic. Your face doesn't need to be at crotch level to unzip a zipper. OP must have been expecting a different ending.

By  intensitive  |  11

Why would your face be that close to his crotch..? I mean, I know they can aim and stuff but the chances of him missing your face if you were standing up would be higher..?

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I agree.
If you were standing, and he pissed on your face, then he was lying about it being because he was desperate. Who aims up when they have to go so bad they just let it out?