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Today, I was at a club when a notoriously desperate and disgusting guy asked me to grind with him. Hoping for some backup, I coolly said, "You'll have to ask my boyfriend." My boyfriend's response? "Yeah, man, I don't care." FML
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  Demonfish  |  14

People tend to get the message if it's delivered by the wonderful mail service provided by the fist! It's cheap, and when utilised properly, is indeed very efficient :)

  gc327072  |  29

39- only appropriate if he asked in an especially mean/rude manner, like "hey bitch wanna ride me?"

THEN you smack him. Not if he's all like "Ma'am I'd like to inquire about dancing with you in a suggestive fashion, would you be interested in such an arrangement?"

  TheLadyOpal  |  30

It also has the unfortunate side effect of getting the wielder of said fist thrown out of the nightclub and possibly charged with assault. But hey, if you're okay with that, power to you. Personally I think that should only be reserved for actual ass-grabbing.

  dontpanic_fml  |  32

How do you believe that going around clocking people who rub you the wrong way is ok, 39? That is a sickly dangerous way of thinking. Somebody should knock you the fuck out because you looked at them wrong. See how great of advice it is then.

  DanielleinDC  |  32

I think she thought that would scare the creepazoid off.

OP, I hope your boyfriend was drunk when he said that. Otherwise, you really need to have a talk with him.


The way I see it if he's "notoriously desperate and disgusting" then she probably knew ahead of time that a simple 'no' won't work and so she immediately a tactic that would send most normal guys away. I feel bad that it didn't work out so well for her.

  cardinallove  |  11

To be fair if the guy is actually "notoriously desperate" and "disgusting", she might have known or surmised that a simple no wouldn't suffice. A significant number of guys don't accept rejection and it unfortunately takes another male to intervene in order to get them to stop.

  YepThatsMeee  |  23

1: "No thanks". 2: "Look I'm here with my bf and don't want to grind with anyone else". 3: " Stop the fuck bothering me or I will call the bouncer". 4: Call the bouncer.

By  curlstar  |  6

Well he obviously wasn't a threat to your boyfriend's confidence. Next time say no yourself, and talk to your man about what you expect in those situations.

  YepThatsMeee  |  23

And how would he know that's what she expected? "Sure I'll grind with you if my bf says it's ok!" I know, I know... boyfriends are always expected to be mindreaders.