By pupitre - 18/10/2011 00:16 - Canada

Today, I was at a Chinese restaurant with my boyfriend and his family. After the meal, we all decided to open our fortune cookies and read them out loud. On mine, it said "You will change your mind many times before settling down." I didn't realize what it meant until after I'd read it to them. FML
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well you could have said "and ive already done that in the past, now i have you." :-*

So, did you eat the damn thing or not? I'm on the edge of my seat here, people.


ohhhhhhh not the best thing to say

29- I looked down through the comments and didn't see more than one person from Texas.

Coulda been worse, at least you got a cookie. :)

Settle down with me.

37 has his priorities in order!

so this means I still have a chance with you op?

OP, don't believe them! I read one which said that MrPedoBear was watching me from outside my window... I don't see him.

The cookie is right, he's just that good.

Cookies never lie

What does it mean the fortune I don't get it....

106 it means that OP was going to be in a lot of relationships before she finds the "one"

Maybe this is the one.

Oh come on its just a fucking fortune cookie you actually believe that do you

well you could have said "and ive already done that in the past, now i have you." :-*

That is so sweet!

And then OP's boyfriend realizes the commitment she's made to him and gets nervous. :P

40- way to make it awkward.

That's one of the things op thinks about when she's going to sleep and then goes "ugh why didn't I think of that when I was at the table!" "why is it always after the fact!"

' bed' Sorry. You just gotta do it

it's future tense

That's interesting. *yawn*

At least it didn't say that you were still finding your sexuality

I once got a fortune cookie that told me I should enhance my feminine side

Don't make a big deal out of nothing...

Exactly. If you, your family or your boyfriend actually listen to these things you need to get your head examined. I think most people would just laugh it off, not post it on FML.

Whether it's his family or hers makes no difference. I don't agree with either your point or your general condescending attitude. How is it humiliating to read that fortune cookie, exactly? In *layman's terms though, since you didn't seem to get my point, the fortune cookie won't actually predict the future, nor is her reading it suggesting that she plans on listening to it. This doesn't really have anything to do with "layman's terms", of course, I can't see why you chose to say that. At least spell laymanlaymen correctly the next time you choose to act so high and mighty.

So, did you eat the damn thing or not? I'm on the edge of my seat here, people.

Dude, she couldn't decide...

I know. Leaving the best part out. What kind of post is this?

So what up with this u left the best part out and then your boyfriend dumped get man

You're supposed to say "between the sheets" after every fortune cookie.

This one makes you sound promiscuous.

its actually supposed to be " in bed"

Kolby is right

hahaha i only laughed at this fml cause of the comment from 8