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Today, I was assigned to fill in for a French teacher who was out sick. I had asked the class to name some French-speaking countries. I called on one girl and she replied, "Uh, Europe. That's, like, the only other one, right?" Nobody disagreed. I'm filling in for the rest of the month. FML
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Just play finding Nemo in French with English subtitles for them. Thats what my french sub teachers did.

Sounds like you have your work cutout for you.


Sounds like you have your work cutout for you.

Mon Dieu... lol

Fucktard Americans strike again!

ThatGuyWhoTalks 10

So OP is subbing for a sick teacher for a month. Does the teacher have cancer or is OP lying ?

No I think you're just stupid 101.

bnutzinger 11

I was about to write the exact same thing...

Just play finding Nemo in French with English subtitles for them. Thats what my french sub teachers did.

For a month?

Sacre bleu! Ma mere la morte! Ah, nooooooooooooon. :(

She can also play The Little Mermaid's - "Les Poissons" over and over.

#42 - Your mom the dead?

When I lived in Sweden, my French teacher would show us a SWEDISH movie with SWEDISH subtitles and give us candy. I'm not even sure if my teacher could speak a single word French...

That would be the best month of French class ever... FINDING NEMO IS AMAZINGGG

\ 28

He... touched the "derriere!!"

For me it was princess and the frog not finding nemo but meh

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My French teacher used to let us watch "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" in French with English subtitles

I think that would actually be good for them to help them learn.

How about, oh, I don't know, France?

Haiti..... It's a slang version of French but still...

alshygirl 14

Parts of Canada

quite a few african countries and other islands near haiti

Côte de Ivoiré (sp)

not to mention Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium and large parts of Africa.

frizz101 22

Don't forget the French quarter of New Orleans, it is a slang version too.

No slang version, but creole. It's a language in itself.

8313girl 28

Thank you for clarifying that Creole French is actual language. Saying that it's a slang language is a major insult.

There is also Sengal, Rwanda and other countries in Africa which speak french

Zimmington 21

True Creole & French has a large impact on New Orleans accents overall. That's why we're able to pickup the language more easily. At least that's what my French teacher told me.

more than 40 countries are francophone, if anyone really cares...

\ 28

Don't forget Lebanon :)

38, Haiti doesn't speak slang they speak their French dialect but it's still a legitimate language. It's like the English and the Americans they're both speaking English but different dialects

frizz101 22

Sorry about that my original comment was just the part about French quarter of New Orleans, but I handed my phone to my husband when our son started screaming and asked him to hit validate for me, he added the last part to be an ass.

And just like that French class became Geography class.

Well, I learned Spanish countries in my Spanish class. I guess it can give the students an idea of where they could travel to use their French. ;)

Once when I was in middle school a new kid was having trouble naming all 7 continents and our super strict teacher wouldn't move on until he did. We ended up whispering that Canada and Russia were continents and he said it while believing us. Our teacher then gave up on him for much of the year

My generation is falling apart.

God help us all.

Belizer in God is one of the reasons that this generation is falling apart

Belize is a perfectly fine country, and I don't believe that it has anything to do with the poorly informed youth of today.

IworkAt711 14

39- I assume you meant belief, and people have believed in god for thousands and thousands of years. I really doubt that its the reason that this generation is fucked up.

Trisha_aus 15

Perhaps some of them should go to Belize.

RedPillSucks 31

Why the hell would you wish that on Belize?

Its not exactly just this generation, its laziness and getting priorities mixed up. Parents no longer think its their responsibility to teach children everyday things while teachers lack the abil

Its not exactly just this generation, its laziness and getting priorities mixed up. Parents no longer think its their responsibility to teach children everyday things while teachers lack the freedom (and responsibility). It seems that everyone believes that instead of knowing things like doing your own taxes/billing/accounting, taking care of babies, cooking and sewing (which they took out of my school) and decided to replaced them with algebra and calculus. They do not teach about life and what you could be, they teach about what they want.

It is. It's because we've come to despise greatness. This generation wants to believe that being equal means being the same, and refuses to accept that some people are naturally gifted in ways others aren't. So we adopt policies such as 'no child left behind' and when these policies fail we lower the bar until all children are behind. There needs to be a fundamental and radical change in education, starting with the federal government backing out so that states can adapt their criteria to fit local needs and customs. We need to recognize talented students and invest in them by accelerating them through the system. Less talented students can still be taught skills and trades that will make them contributing members of society with less focus on getting them into college student debt for a degree they will likely never use. There is nothing wrong with this. It does not show favoritism or nepotism in the least. All students have the same opportunity, it is up to them to apply themselves and seize the opportunity for themselves. Lastly, we need to quit celebrating stupidity. I am fine with grammar nazis. I'm fine with ridiculing the idiots dat talk lyk dis. We need to popularize great spiritual leaders, philosophers, community leaders, artists, and authors. We should trivialize the influence of rappers, actors, and sports stars. Their fame does not qualify them any more credible or experienced than any other average joe. Sorry to rant like this, but I have two children and it grinds at me that the public education system is guaranteed to fail them. I help them with their homework and it is pathetic. We're a generation that teaches facts, not thinking ability. Cogs in a machine; that's what we're creating. Good little workers, guaranteed to slave for the corporate machine, vote for who the newspaper tells them to, and empowered to live a life of financial debt. Until we recognize that the powers we've charged with providing for us are actually treading on us, the generations will continue to get dumber.

Maybe it's just kids making life hard for the sub? I hope so.

Zimmington 21

If only that was the case. But I believe they were being honest. I went to school with girls who asked "Are we the United States or America?"

raytyler26 16

Time to bust out the ruler.

RedPillSucks 31

PA doesn't use corporal punishment anymore.

TheDrifter 23

How are kids supposed to find out who the kinky freaks are without corporal punishment? Trial and error could lead to some embarrassing dates.

Wow... You should teach them the French speaking countries and only talk to them in French...

Yea my Spanish 2 teacher tried that, and I had to take both semesters over.

Some of my English teachers did that (my first language is French), and those where the classes where I learned the most English.

Except for the difference between "were" and "where", clearly.

monnanon 13

they just said their first language is not English. unless they now speak English everyday and are fluent i'd say you can let that one slide.

I'm actually fluent in English and practice it everyday (I'm a translator). But since I don't usually make mistakes, I don't always take time to review what I wrote. ;) And I agree that confusing "were" and "where" is a horrible mistake!

JMichael 25

It's sad world after all.

eh I took French in high school and that was about the extent of knowledge that any of my teachers even had honestly