By Waheyyy - 07/09/2009 19:19 - United Kingdom

Today, I was arguing with my dad. I called him a geriatric fool. He replied with, "Well at least I know who my biological father is." I have no idea if he's joking. FML
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he's just trying to bug you. you wouldn't believe the things my parents have said to me in arguements xD

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my dad says im adopted all the time. i think im his kid. i just dont care that much!


first yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but that sucks

ydi for being insecure about your birth

FAKE, this video has the same thing, word for word!

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interesting thought, but your existence is from your parents so being insecure might be justified. Logic cant win sometimes.

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The original plexico is with a lower-case 'P' The motherfucker stole my picture, too!

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lmao try a capital i moron lmao fuck didnt notice your account had a lower-case and not a capital :) oh well get rdy for your rep to be fucked :) time for some major fucking tolling BITCH

Boo to you, stupidass phony troll. I vote for the real plexico to troll like it should be done.

Stop using my picture, and learn to use apostrophes.

plexico, the real one, this is getting to be a problem, isn't it!? What the fuck is with the impostors!? Report them. It's what I did with "Intoxicuunt" (probably the same person) and it got him/her permanently banned.

Toxi, Like Babu said on "Seinfeld," "The veels are in motion."

plex: Good taste in television, FTW. You could have been Seinfeld in another life, only even funnier. Haha, that reminds me of a dream I had involving Jerry Seinfeld once. I can't go into details, suffice to say I had a repeat of it only with Rob Zombie instead the next night. My subconscious has a twisted sense of humor.

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#83, I will now take it upon myself to reply to your comments & let everybody know of your imposter-ness.

It would be more efficient to report this idiot. :) Also, is it spelled "imposter" or "impostor"? FML and my email program underlines the former but not the latter, however, I was almost positive it had an 'e' in it. =/

Thanks, sublime93, I hope we'll get fake Plexico taken care of as quickly as we got rid of fake Intoxicunt (the fake with two u's). The worst part is that he wants to look like me, when even I don't want to look like me ;) I hope to keep earning your laughs and appreciation.

I think that every user should change their name to some variant of plexico! :-D (this is a different guy than the last one by the way)

What. The. Fuck!? This is my dream come true! A site filled with "plexico" clones! Except you fakes aren't funny. So go away! You guys DO know you're going to be deleted if you steal his picture, right?

wait i was first yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

do you honestly have no thoughts in your head more interesting than "oh wow"

And a bear in your closet. =]

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and a tiger in your bed (: tigers lions and bears OH MY!

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oops i ment: and a lion in your bed! lions tigers and bear oh my! :D

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LMAO...#2 get a life. HAHA. :)

don't worry, he's probably kidding

Can you count? You're not first.

Do people not realize that by replying to people who say 'first' it's just making more people click to show the downrated comment?

yeah ur def the idiot cause im first and second idiot lmao it doesn't really matter but u might want to make ur facts straight before u say anything ;p

OK, wtf? I'm 14 and have heard the term geriatric, around twice. Comment below me and thumbs down me if you heard a 5 year old child correctly use the term geriatric without any help. thums up if not. So how is that acting like you're 5?

get a life you retard. whats the big deal about being the first comment? its really not much of an achievement. an achievement is like getting first in a competition, you get awards for that. fmylife isn't going to start randomly sending out certificates to spastics like you who enjoy being pathetic and writing "first!" as a comment. grow up and get a life

and you weren't second idiot, you were third, the second commenter just got deleted.

... Honestly I fail to see what really makes this an FML. Terrible job, moderators.

why is this comment hidden? there is nothing wrong with it...

he's just trying to bug you. you wouldn't believe the things my parents have said to me in arguements xD

Like I know it's so hella wrong that he hella said that because hella is a fucking RETARDED word hella FYL Gia

Don't overreact, besides, even if you aren't his biological son, nothing should change

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my dad says im adopted all the time. i think im his kid. i just dont care that much!

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Oh, that hellaaa suckz for u

That sucks ass but your dad/step dad torched your ass :D I give him an A for originality BTW there's a tiger in the bathroom

you should have came up with a snappy comeback

He could've said that his parents were stuck with him and ops parents chose her