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Today, I was approached by a policeman who asked me if I was the owner of the green Camry. Turns out my parents decided to teach me a lesson for lying where I had been by reporting the car stolen. They also wouldn't answer my one phone call. FML
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By  Luckster  |  0

Dude...what the hell....I understand parental punishment may be needed for lying, but giving you a criminal record? Them is some fucked up people right there, OP.

By  Luckster  |  0

Dude...what the hell....I understand parental punishment may be needed for lying, but giving you a criminal record? Them is some fucked up people right there, OP.

  wh4t3v3R  |  0

How old are you? If my parents called me and I said: "OMG! Someone stole my/your car!" What do you think they are gonna do? It doesn't give the kid a criminal record, in fact, they will probably be fined for a false 911.

  fawfulster  |  11

Read the FML correctly. For all we know, OP was hanging out with his/her friends and the cop said "Excuse me, sir/ma'am, is that your car?" It never stated that OP called his/her parents to inform them that s/he "lost" the car. It just states that a random cop asked for the car and the parents reported it as "stolen", OP may be a teenager or an adult, but at least (i beleive) s/he is not idiotic as to not inform what is s/he going to do with the vehicle. "Can I take the car? -What for? -Oh, just because!"

By  FerrariCake  |  2

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  flgirlwguitar  |  2

There is a lot of assumptions in this post.

For one, it does not say that it was their car. Until I traded it in at the age of 23, my first car was in my father's and sister's names, because of a warranty being unable to transfer. It was my everyday car, but I didn't have the title to prove it.

For two, it does not say that the OP did not have permission. Since the cops caught up with her, I wouldn't doubt that she told them where she was going, her parents didn't agree to the destination and sent the cops to the location. Although in that case, I think it would have been considered a family dispute and the cops wouldn't have done anything.

I have super-overprotective parents and I totally could see this happening. Then again, I always had my own car, so I'd just get the keys taken away. Now I have several sets of extras and they haven't pulled that stunt in a few years.

  MagicMeds  |  0

Yeah it's a lot of assumptions, but the fml was vague. I like the interpretation, it makes sense with what we know, what we expect, and goes along with the fml nature of the site.

However couldn't the parents get in enormous trouble for lying to the cops? (lies all around, way to parent...) Unless they passed it off as mistakenly thinking it'd been stolen...

  Subtext  |  10

It is normal for younger people to not always be honest about where they are going or what they plan to do. Considering society today, chances are your parents where much more "criminal" than you - the stories my parents told, involved stuff like a drunken brawl, encouraging people to steal equipment after US soldiers threw a tantrum when a concert at the Loreley got canceled last-minute and so, both of them have decent jobs and as far as I can tell, they have been great parents.

Stuff like that happens, just be glad if it doesn't happen too often. Calling the police because of something like this is just cold. It's much more irresponsible from the parents to expose their kids to possibly dangerous criminals, drugs and whatever. I just hope, OP doesn't get a criminal record because of that.

#3: Here they would get fined because of wrongful accusation... (is it called that way?)

  harmony88  |  0

I have cousins who were in a similar situation. They snuck out and took their mother's car (which they didn't have permission to drive any other time) on a joy ride. My younger cousin was driving and he wasn't even licensed. Their mother reported the car stolen when she discovered they were gone. Later she dropped the charges.

It's perfectly legit to report a car as stolen if it's being taken somewhere you didn't authorize it to go.

Also, it's a myth that you only get one phone call: don't fall for it if a cop tries to pull that on you. You have the right to as many phone calls as it takes to get proper legal representation.

  medotcom  |  0

don't call op an asshole, they asked for the car and the parents said yes. Maybe they lied about the location they were going to, but you can't call them an asshole.

By  Cheekers1989  |  0

Congratulations, you're a f'tard. To be completely honest. I think you deserved it.

I believe what your parents did, was extremely smart. I'm proud of them.

For starters, you shouldn't have lied to them. That doesn't show responsiblity. If you're going to act like a child, and lie. Then you deserve to be arrested, and in a cell. It would be considered your time out. That's were you belong, for being unfaithful towards your parents trust.

Maybe one day, you'll grow up. Doubtful, but perhaps it will happen. (Y)


People who lie deserve to be arrested and put in a cell? REALLY? I think you are being a hypocrite. Lying isn't a great thing, I avoid it as much as I can. But the fact remains that everyone does it sometimes. Sure, the OP should be punished if she lives with her parents and was lying about where she was, but the parents completely overreacted here.

By  redc1c4  |  0

YDI for lying, but what is funny is that either you are going down for GTA, or something similar, or your folks are going to get nailed for filing a false police report.

sucks to be you either way.

By  Laurasian  |  0

My first thought is that it's your parents' car, and that you are underage. So you wouldn't have a criminal record once you turn 18, and it's not your car. And, yes, even though they gave consent to use their car (which may be the case), she didn't take it where she told them she was going, so it was technically stolen.

Simple solution? Say you're sorry and show that you mean it by not lying anymore and your parents can drop charges :]

  xNephilim  |  18

Ha... Getting in trouble when you're not 18 yet doesn't automatically mean you won't have a record by the time you hit 18. My fiancé was arrested at 17 and they tried him as an adult and his charges won't go away until his probation is over. I've also heard of a guy who spent 3 years in prison at the age of 13 - there's no way in hell that won't show up on his record whenever he's older.