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 Nooooooo good.

the only thing I can say is, FYL.

definitely not good but you should her been looking where you were going! tut tut tut x

BOOM Headshot!!!

Squirted right into your eye??? ... Hawt

lmao shame^ hahaha

lol at #19, but sucks bro

tweetbaby14 18

YDI for pointing it at your eye.

where were you applying it making it shoot into your eye o.o

that sucks op fyl LMAO

hah. sounds like something i'd do Xp

no need to get rid of that icy hot

What's icy hot?

wow... really?

48- it's a product that is used on sore body parts. first being it's really cold an then after 5 min it turns hot to dull the pain away.

i see hot! u see hot! u can't see because of icy/hot! FYL! :(

Did your eye feel icy and then hot?

comment moded!! lol but for real of ur an idiot! who dose this??

ydi for sqeezing too hard

That shit BURNS. Sooo much.

62 - love your photo!


76 - why thank u! :x

OP, did the slamming part help make your eye feel better?

how does one run in agony? stated as is, the op's reaction to feeling agony is to randomly run. hmm

See, that's why you aim AWAY from your face.

I had a similar situation

icy hot makes me horny

2: As did I, but with Capzasin(sp?). Not fun. >_<

My aunt put some on her knee, which rubbed off on her clothes when she went to the bathroom, which then went places that IcyHot should never go.

Wow, jeez OP. You need to learn to calm yourself in serious situations like that. Yeah it's scary but it can make things worse if you freak out. FYL

& clearly did for op as proven with the red eye & concussion.

shit happens

Which creates a domino effect of other shit happening

hope you're okay now!

retard. ydi for not having common sense

Well what'd you go slamming your face into the faucet for?!

I really don't appreciate your use of "retard" as a derogatory term. Thank you.

put some icy heat on the bruise on your face from the faucet..

were u applying the IcyHot on ur face? Because I don't see how it woul get into your eye any other way

oww sucks to be you