By Anonymous - United States - San Francisco
  Today, I was applying for jobs online when my father called. When I told him what I was doing, he said in all seriousness that I should just be a sugar baby. I said he must be joking, but he replied, "Honey, if I had your tits, I'd never work a day in my life." 5ML
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  thesinginguy  |  18

Eh, depends, if it's like an extremely close friend, your girlfriend, or if you are a girl (saying it to a friend of course) it is acceptable and would be seen as a joke.

  jesustitts  |  20

My dad actually told my sister she has a rocking body and a great rack. He then said "I mean that in an observing way. Not a perverted dad way" that was today and not acceptable for any father to say to his child. OP maybe don't stay near your dad anymore if possible.

  amisenho  |  11

It's terrible; it's a psychological train wreck. My step-dad started saying and doing worse things to me than that when I had lost 40 pounds in college about 5 years ago. I kept telling him how uncomfortable it was making me feel when he said inappropriate things like that or grabbed me in places I wasn't okay with, but, of course, he didn't listen, and he continued to comment on my body while I tried to avoid physical contact with him in the hallway. To make it worse, when I notified my mother of what he was saying and doing to me, she said I should "just let it go; he likes to joke; that's just who he is; men will be men." She basically wrote it off as me just being overly-sensitive. It had become such a daily problem that I intentionally gained my weight back just to get him to stop saying and doing perverted things to me, and my mother berated me for "letting yourself go so quickly." I still struggle with his behavior today; since I started going back to the gym a year ago for health reasons, he's slowly started picking up those nasty habits again. Recently, I've had no choice but to avoid going home altogether and, instead, stay with my boyfriend. For me, it was extremely difficult to take when I realized that the people who should have been there to support me and respect my feelings decided that they just didn't care anymore. For anyone else suffering the same, just know that someone out there understands what you're going through.

  xsilentxninjax  |  10

That is really creepy for a father to say to his daughter... I'm not sure what kind of relationship you have with your father, OP, but I most certainly would not be okay with that...

  GEBEH  |  14

Maybe because he have eyes, there dosen't have to be the usual reaction you have after seeing a great pair of tits just because his brain registered them.

  SmokinGuns  |  13

Most fathers are very protective of their daughters and would never think about how "great" their daughter's tits are let alone encourage her to use men for money with them. That's just...strange.

  Jemm_fml  |  29

Ah, other people who have phones. I thought I was either daft or just going blind... Yes, the mobile app doesn't at all say why everything is 5 milileters.

  littlem91  |  29

My dad is aware I'm chesty, it's fairly obvious, knowing they're there is fine, but this is creepy as hell. I think mostly as it comes across that he likes them. I hope that's just the wording.

By  Pstraka6  |  20

Normally with age comes wisdom, but I'd say in this case that's not true. Your melons don't get you far in life, it's your perseverance and attitude that does. Dream big!

  Enslaved  |  36

I know some creepy perverted fathers that came to my job (grated they're drunks) and quoted some nasty things they've said to their daughters.
One said along the lines of "Beware of guys, all they want from you is your wet spot".
While another said. "Babe, how do you still owe rent when you've got all that between your legs?"