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well if that's on of your frequent used words YDI

You must be a cool teacher for letting your students text you! You might be cool enough to make them think it's ok to call them a cunt.


why do your students text you?

tecnology makes life so much easier :)

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no. in college teachers do it cuz it's easier to get a hold of each other.

solid idea can't do that in Canada

goes to show women cant use technology at all

Yeah, it's not a big deal. I have my voice teacher's number, even went to her apartment once. I also have my psych teacher's number, but she rejected me on FB ;P I have my former philosophy teacher's number, too. Just in case I ever need him to write me a letter of recommendation. Same with my ex-archaeology one. It's not that uncommon to interact with teachers outside the class in college, especially since maintaining a relationship of any sort with them opens up some doors for recommendations.

if I was a chick then yes

Your dumb. I live if Canada and text my profs.

I have my high school teacher's number and she texts me about club activities. it's not weird in my school

Teachers are real people you know. People often forget that they have lives and it is okay to interact with them.

im in high school and i have my principals number. granted, is mostly because i work at my school. but still and i have a few teachers i work with on facebook. they friend requested me! and i actually friend rejected one :$ ahahah

wow! if I was the student I would have been like.... see you after school :|

why'd my comment get moderated? i was just speaking the truth?

btw I said she deserves it for being a woman and not being able to use technology. (in case anyone was wondering)

It's very smart of you to write again the comment for which you got moderated, tparis90120. Obviously, moderators don't like sexist crap.

Pendatik, it was in* , not "In". Thanks for playing, fag.

im new to this site. explain what a moderator is

wow 120 ur such a grammar Nazi

Yes he is, 123. And I think you're in need of a stay in his grammar concentration camp. Too far?

I think you mean 153, ktdad07. I'll write you up for pendatik's pedantry concentration camp. :D

Then my plan worked perfectly.

Jjustin - Try it this way: "Wow, 120, you're such a Grammar Nazi!" No, no, don't thank me. It's a public service. Oopsy, does that make me a Grammar Nazi too?

Doc, you're merely trying to save the damned. He/she/it is already infected with the terrible curse of having poor grammar. He/she/it is already too far gone... :(

Dear God of the phone & other technologies: please, PLEASE, help us poor folk with our grammar, sentence structure & language difficulties in general. There is about to be an uprising like one never seen before...virtual personalities are about to round us inferior "others" up for our laziness & mis-use of the technologies you've given us. Please, O Lord of the 4G, give them a soft heart. Let them accept us as we are & understand that auto-correct & capitalization are a pain in the ass!

242 for a second there i thought the smoke was.....never mind

At my school the teachers give out numbers so they can talk to you about classes or something if you need help.

In college a lot of professors are more open to giving out their number just as a matter of convenience. In a public high school the teacher would probably get fired lol.

well if that's on of your frequent used words YDI

Guess your name truly fits you. If you read the end of the FML it says her phone auto-corrected it to say "cunt" =]

If you read the end of the FML, it says that that's a "more frequently used word."

MyNameIsInsomnia, shut up, you cunt.

18 that didn't make sense for several reasons...

Why can't she use this word you C-- oh wait!

Maybe they deserved it from karma. If they were just nice and told them they could, this wouldn't have happened! :D

it's my birthday! first

Haha. Funny to me, but that's horrible for you.

I still don't get how u and a are on same button you most have missed texted it so don't blame the phone

auto correct only use's real words

You must be a cool teacher for letting your students text you! You might be cool enough to make them think it's ok to call them a cunt.

Cant -noun: 1. insincere, especially conventional expressions of enthusiasm for high ideals, goodness, or piety. 2. the private language of the underworld. 3. the phraseology peculiar to a particular class, party, profession, etc.: the cant of the fashion industry. 4. whining or singsong speech, especially of beggars. Source: Edit: Ops, reply to #17

I bet you're more of a cunt than the people you call cunts.

lmfao! your picture is HILARIOUS! that's cool that u have the balls to walk around like that... unlike me :) all my friends were like what is tha- oh it's a person...

lmao in your picture.. was that your costume? lol if so, it's probably one of the most legit things I've ever seen! aha gross, but legit.

it's called google the picture bloody pad costume.

Says the guy with THAT profile picc. Riiight.

your students text you..?

Your avatar reminded me of boxxy.

I text one of my teacher but thts because hes a coach so.

Sam same man, way easier than running to his office!

34 ikr haha and 14 i enjoyed boxxys video lol shes cute.

sorry what's ikr?

Goodies, IKR means "I kill respondents". So I would advise NOT responding to him...or else.

all hail the queen of /b/

79- IKR means "I know, right

Texting professors is fairly common in college 8... but if OP is in high school then that is a bit weird

I have my theatre teachers number and my choir teachers also, and am in high school. The teachers use texting to get in touch with students when we are on trips and such.

rules 1&2 man. 1&2

215 what are you talking about?

YDI. Always check your texts/emails/letters. Especially if you're a teacher.

it's called "proof-reading," teacherrrr.

it's called "proof-reading," teacherrrr.

its not nice 2 call students cunts

your students txt you hmmmmm..............