By anonymous - 17/06/2011 19:58 - United States

Today, I was almost done getting ready for a really big date, when I heard my dad call for help from outside. I rushed downstairs and out the door, only to be ambushed and showered by my father with the garden hose. FML
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invite your date to get splashed too :)

i bet your date wished you were wearing a white shirt!


It's not THAT bad.

u can make it a wet tshirt date

Honestly, if I were her date I would find this quite amusing. It would be a plus for her in my mind, knowing she has a humorous family.

When he does get hurt he's gonna be screwed when you don't come to help cause you don't wanna get wet. but in the mean time you will dry.

its his way of saying he loves you

he wanted to make sure you were clean! :)

father/daughter bonding.

I agree I'd just say I can wait for you to go get changed.

^^^^that was at 28

why dint you both get wet? ;)

It was her dad...

that's just gross..

^^^ 54 that comment is for you!

at least its better than your dad ambushing you, pulling down his pants and showering you with...nevermind

Exactly! It takes me alot of time to make sure mu make up is just right lol

Why is everyone assuming that we are talking about a female? Maybe it is a male, and he was wearing his best pair of dress pants/dress shirt

lol, ur dads full of win

invite your date to get splashed too :)

okay I'm sorry but you said it once people liked! why say it again?

78- maybe it wasnt his fault that it posted twice... this website isnt perfect

Both comments are numbered 4... I don't think that he/she meant to post twice... It may be's fault, or the fault of the phone... my android makes me double-post many times... this just looks like a glitch...

I was taking a long time to type this... when I started, your comment wasn't there 83... i am used to my android's swype feature...iPods suck sometimes...

Androids swipe feature is awesome! :-)

does he "splash " you with any other type of hose ?

The comments on both are the same too, he didnt mean to do it. So let's not give him hate :)

invite your date to get splashed too :)

i bet your date wished you were wearing a white shirt!

hey at least you are clean

haha... good point

Clean, but her unnatural beauty (make-up) will have faded. So OP is forced to do another 30 minutes of make up and possibly may have to redo her hair, and pick out another dress. This would ad up to about 2 more hours, besides what if it's reclaimed water? You never know, you just never know.


i would agree with above, but u cant mess with the zohan!

no ur 10th dumb ass

14, he posted the same time you did, which you are 7 so technectly he is 7..

Lol. Perfect way for fathers to ruin their daughters ''hot'' outfits.

yeah lol he's just being a cockblock :P

or hinting at a threesome?

64 - You are my hero just because your a soldier.

you're....** Fuck waking up lol.