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Today, I was all set to lose my virginity to my girlfriend. I was ecstatic, until she threatened to "beat the fuck" out of me if I didn't make it good for her. The actual sex was 30 seconds of me being given death glares, causing me to lose my boner and have to leave in shame. FML
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Likes it a little bit too rough?

Well if she's so uncaring about it, you should now know she's not worth it...


Likes it a little bit too rough?

that bitch is crazy!

There is no such thing as liking it "too rough". You have to go the whole nine yards. I'm talking fist, chains, whips, knives, handcuffs and bats. Nothing gets the blood flowing like rough sex.

Well! Make it good for her!

There is such thing as too rough! When you finish and your girlfriend is dead, I'd say that was a bit too rough.

as long as you got her off before she died, it's not too rough

As long as YOU get off before she dies it's not too rough. -- FIX'D!

122 At that point, does it matter if you got off before or after she died?

zman0900 11

As long as she was still warm.

I audibly laughed at 116's comment. How did so many people not catch that sarcasm!?

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I think it was trying to say "I'd never do that to my boyfriend." Don't worry I'm a professional translator for this species.

I didn't know that unfortunate typos or autocorrect incidents dictated a new species.

I think it's trying to communicate

You guys don't need to be so rude, I was autocorrected!

That's why FML gives you two minutes to edit after posting.

Gotta agree with 75. Even though this was only autocorrect, there are some people unfortunate enough to not be able to learn. There's dyslexia and other mental issues that can make someone misspell a lot of words. Don't be so rude all the time. There are people that just can't spell and then there's the people that can but don't. Either way, at least be a little nicer to people.

99 - I have an htc one phone, and FML doesnt let me correct my comment. maybe he/she has the same phone

FML lets you correct your comments. It's your phone or client that doesn't. If you're going to lay blame, lay it accurately.

@123 He mainly blamed his phone and not FML.

FML also consists of people who are sarcastic, and people who take things way too seriously.

All this over one word? Calm down

Well if she's so uncaring about it, you should now know she's not worth it...

This. Why did OP waste his first time on her?

I agree, since she is,in your eyes, worthy of being your first she should've known how important it was too you. She was being controlling and selfish. FYL, and good luck, be patient the right girl will come around ;D

My guess is it was probably his girlfriends first time too. She must have watched too many romantic movies thinking the first time is pure euphoria. For me it was pretty sloppy at first, then you just get in tune with it. Obviously she ridiculously high expectations for OP, give the guy a break. First times are special moments but there's definitely going to be a few mistakes. That sucks for, OP, though.. His first time won't be too good of a memory.. There's always next time, pal! And the time after that, and the time after that, and the time after that! You'll get better.

Okay, I'm a girl and was extra picky about whom I lost my virginity to. And yes, I know they're "only movies" but after seeing movies like "Super Bad", American Pie", "40 Year Old Virgin", "Kids" the list goes on. Are guys really as picky when it comes to who they-- first have sex with?

I wouldn't be able to look back at my first time as a good memory if I slept with some slutty chick. I did it with my then girlfriend of a year and it was each our first time, so yeah, it was pretty special to me. I have some friends that banged the first girl they could and I don't think they're too proud of that. Those movies you said about though, the main guy trying to get laid was someone who it seemed would never get laid. If you have options I would think you'd want to pick the best one rather than take the easy way(sluts) out(in). I'm glad I did it the way I did.

Of course, of course. I realize this. Not everyone's the same. I was just wondering if there were more outspoken guys that were willing to give their true testimonial about how they personally felt about losing their virginity. Was it as important to make sure the first time meant something? But perhaps it might be too personal of topic.

Thank you, Call. This was just the type of answer I was curious about. You say you're glad you did it the way you did (I am too) but don't think your friends are? But do they regret the first time not being with that absolutely special person like you were with? Would they want to go back in time to change who that first girl was? Wow! Some days I think way too much. Lol And it's a little different-- the OP wasn't banging some random slut (yes, she wasn't the nicest) but it was his "girlfriend" that was willing. I'm sure the OP could have strong feelings for her even if it might not be love. I just read a few comments that said she wasn't "worthy" of his first experience. Just wanted a male perspective if they look back with the same type of value on their virginity as some girls might.:P

92. I am a guy and am hoping to wait until marriage. While religious reasons have a part in that decision its also because virginity is something you only can give once. Who is more special than the one you actually marry and have a commitment to be with for the rest of your life? I will admit, it's also due to the fact that I have been single my whole life and I just turned 25.

You know that more than half of marraiges aren't for the rest of your or her life, right? The current divorce rate is well over 50%. So don't set too high hopes on that either.

#110, good for you on waiting for that special person. I lost my virginity to the girl of my dreams. We have been married for 16 years now. #124, more marriages would last longer if people didn't treat them like a fad of the week. Marriage is not like dating. People need to stick together through everything and only give their heart to the one they truly love.

I don't think you "give your heart" to people you don't actually "love." I think you might have meant to say should only get married to someone you truly love?

124- we can blame that rate on people like you. Thanks for the example.

124. It's why I said a commitment to be with them for the rest of your life. if you truly want to be with them you will make it work. People divorce over things that they could work through if they tried enough. (Though I understand not everything can be fixed, like my sister's marriage) But I do personally know of someone who almost got a divorce because he was a huge adulterer. He was a pastor at a Church and slept with prostitutes and women from his church, he was a sex addict. When it was found out, he lost his job, and most of his family and friends. He had nothing except grace and love from God. Eventually through lots of time, effort, counseling, and forgiveness his life came back together and has a perfect marriage again and now him and his wife and children teach and councel others how to overcome from their addictions.

Ah, I remember my first time. All two minutes of it. But luckily I lost my virginity to the woman I love and after years of love and hardship I can say I'm truly lucky to be with her. Chin up OP and save your first for someone truly special.

You're right. You can blame it on people like me. Telling the truth is the second leading cause of divorce. The leading cause of divorce is marriage.

leogachi 15

I will probably get down voted for this (because people on fml are afraid of everything the least bit real), but I'm going to say it anyway because it needs to be said. The reason, number 158, that most marriages are failing today is because people go into them assuming they are going to fail someday. If you assume you one day are going to get divorced you've already given up on the relationship. If you've already given up on the relationship, you should not be getting married. Engagement rings have diamonds for a reason: they symbolize eternity. That's how you should feel about the person you marry. If you don't feel like the relationship will last forever, it is doomed to fail.

#124 I've seen you in multiple comments on this post arguing with people and pretty much being a douche. Leave your rude comments to yourself, no one wants to hear them!

Under pressure...

Fat bottomed girls (or freaking scary ones) you make the rocking world go 'round..

Our thoughts were in the same place. I started to sing Under Pressure, then Queen just flooded my mind.

It's the terror or knowing what this sex is about. Watching your boyfriend screaming "Let me out!"

Nothing is more upsetting than hearing the start of Under Pressure...then it transitions into Ice Ice Baby

That's rough. She needs to give you a break! It's only your first time after all, you are most likely not going make it good for her first try. :P

I believe she did threaten to give him a break.

Wow that really was rough sex..

were you in? cause if you were then that's a really bad first time

guys don't always hit the mark first try

Your girlfriend sounds like a nut job

Seriously. Time to end that relationship

How many has she slept with? Sorry your first time ended like thatOP, maybe next time will go better w/ someone who loves you and will either teach you somethings or learn with you :)

Time for a new girlfriend.