By Gribby - 27/06/2013 23:56 - United States - Branson

Today, I was accused of shooting drugs at work. I was only feeding a baby bird that was tucked into my arm using a medicine syringe. I've been smuggling it to work because it has to eat every 2 hours or it will starve. Now everyone there thinks I'm a hardcore dope fiend. FML
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I commend you for your care of the bird, but you had to know something bad would happen if you had to smuggle the bird in.

CheeseTron 15

You should just tell them. Its probably better than them thinking that youre shooting up heroin at work


I commend you for your care of the bird, but you had to know something bad would happen if you had to smuggle the bird in.

regardless of whatever bad happens, OP is still an incredibly good and benevolent person. I admire people who aren't afraid to show heart.

Or you could brandish the reputation!

I'm surprised the OP didn't think of handing the baby bird to an animal rescue charity as an easier and better option.

lilrockerjj 5

I've done that before with a baby bird. A lot of rescue shelters will not take in birds, I tried all the local rescues and even some bird rescues and they said no.

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I did this with a baby bird also. I brought him into work and kept him in his nestbox in the ladies room (it was a pet store and the bathroom was private). My woman co-manager knew and kept it on the down low. Our boss, being a guy, had no idea. I would simply "use the bathroom" every 2 hours or so to quickly fill his belly (it only takes about 2 minutes). Not one of my proudest moments, but I couldn't let him just die, and the ungrateful little bastard blue jay grew into a strong healthy bird. unlike all the other birds I have reared, he never came back even once after being set free. But it's ok... Glad he got a chance at life.

MerrikBarbarian 9

So all you Americans know- raising wild baby birds without permits can land you in jail or with a $10,000 fine. Migratory Bird Treaty Act protects virtually all native species (only starlings, house sparrows and pigeons are except as they were introduced), and if a wildlife officer gets wind of that bird you can be in serious legal trouble. It's great to see so many kind hearted people, but unless you have no other options you should take the bird to a wildlife rehabilitation center. If you can't find one, ask your vet. Some vets may be certified and permitted too, or can direct you to who is.

You're a good person OP. here's to hoping that you work on Wall Street, earn a ton of cash, and get street cred for your 'heroin addiction'

Street cred and Wall Street in the same sentence. Does not compute.

CheeseTron 15

You should just tell them. Its probably better than them thinking that youre shooting up heroin at work

Pwn17 25

Well, I'm not sure about work, but I always see someone doing this at school almost every single day... Wouldn't surprise me if there were people who did this at work too. Still, FYL OP. Try to explain it to them.

12 if OP works on Wall Street, I'm guessing 40-50% of the working population.

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Or OP could show them the bird.

Not sure if that was a pun but thats how I read it and it made me laugh

OP, should just tell them and offer to take a drug test. Problem solved... unless they are on some other drug.

graceinsheepwear 33

19 why would you think, sitting and reading in Thailand, that 50% of wall street workers are needle using junkies? Somebody watches too many bad movies, I think.

43. I was on holiday I Thailand a month ago and had updated my profile accordingly. Please ask someone where they are from before jumping to prejudicial conclusions.

43. and please do not insinuate that people who aren't in the States have no clue about anything except through movies.

graceinsheepwear 33

48/49: Point taken, and I apologized in response to your private message. But as I stated there, I doubt your stats regarding brokers on the needle. Again, sorry.

54. apology accepted. snorting does sound more likely. have a good one.

asnakelovinbabe 16

Did I just see two people disagree on FML and then come to an amicable conclusion by talking it out??? Hell just froze over.

This was clearly staged. People around here are not really like that. Or the the self driving cars have already become sentient, and are much politer than we thought.

wow, you are a lovely person. I'm sure karma will reward you. sending good vibes your way xx

Where can I learn how to send vibes? Vibes aren't a physical object.

Just explain it! They should understand if they have a heart!

Regardless of what they believe, you're a good person for doing that for the bird.

MzZombicidal 36

This actually made me happy to read. Not because of the unfortunate complications, but from how incredibly sweet you are, OP! I hope the situation is handled well!

seriously, who can get mad while watching a baby bird get fed?

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The sad thing is that if his boss is neither a parent or animal lover, he might lose his job....

InfamousRaider 15

Might be time to get a drug test and show them the results.

Nice to know you have a big heart but seriously, seeing someone push a syringe toward their arm, the last thing I'd think was that they were feeding a baby bird...

But feeding syringes tend to look very different from typical syringes.

hooligyn123 18

And not everyone knows that little tidbit.

graceinsheepwear 33

37 anytime I've needed a syringe to give a cat medicine, for example, I just get a syringe without a needle from the pharmacist or vet.

But shouldn't they have at least heard, if not seen, the baby bird at some point? Even if OP kept it well hidden, baby birds (any baby, really) can be pretty freaking loud when they want mommy to feed them!

You sound like a genuinely nice person. Good for you.