By Coolkid. - 14/06/2009 17:53 - United States

Today, I was accidentally tagged in a photo of a group of people by a 'friend' on Facebook. She later corrected it, apparently everyone had already seen the tag and decided that the comment box below was a great opportunity to discuss how none of them would ever be caught dead hanging out with me. FML
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baby_love 0

wth? u don't need friends like that


daniellerose 0

awwww people are such jerks:(

Awww, that sucks!! People are so mean x( They aren't your friends, go find some new ones :/.

Win_fml 0

Get cooler?

thats harsh, people can definatly be huge jerks! , you'll find "real" friends eventually, just keep searchingg :)

Damn... that sucks. Whatever man. They're probs just mad that you're cooler, nice or better-looking than they are =)

Guess you need a new group if friends. Take it from a lifelong antisocial bastard.

lmmmr 0

#11- It's irony.

Maybe you aren't as cool as what you think... maybe you're just a tool