By Coolkid. - 14/06/2009 17:53 - United States

Today, I was accidentally tagged in a photo of a group of people by a 'friend' on Facebook. She later corrected it, apparently everyone had already seen the tag and decided that the comment box below was a great opportunity to discuss how none of them would ever be caught dead hanging out with me. FML
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baby_love 0

wth? u don't need friends like that


SluttyMcNugget 0

HAHAHAHA!! That sucks :(

damn, almost first lol

heyall_fml 0

Sucks... Man some people are assholes. Lol

maddieguinn 0

I'm rly sorry :(

Bunch of immature little cunts...

Screencaps or it didn't happen !

baby_love 0

wth? u don't need friends like that

VoGuE221 5

oh no :( some friends.

I guess your username coolkid is a lie.

haha #3 that made me laugh :P XD yeah... um.. sucks to be you :S also, as you said, they aren't your friends. You deserve wayyy better xD and ( ok I know I'm gonna get bashed) but seriously how thick do you have to be to tag someone by accident ? I mean Facebook makes it really easy! Way I see it, he/she did it on purpose or are , in fact, extremely dumb.